Entrepreneur Suresh Narasimha: founder of TELiBrahma

Mobile technology has emerged as a major sector of innovation, manufacturing and solutions generating tremendous amount of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies alike. In a similar connection, TELiBrahma has ventured in creating mobile solutions for their customers covering advertising, marketing, retailing, telecom. Headquartered at Bangalore, TELiBrahma has been a pioneer in creating innovative Mobile solutions. TELiBrahma’s clientele extends throughout India, Europe and US.

TELiBrahma started its journey in 2004 and since then has created several patent pending technologies, award-winning solutions and the largest network away from the operators.


Being a true innovator in the mobility domain, TELiBrahma focuses on creating solutions that make mobile interactions a “Wanting Experience”.

Suresh NarasimhaWe had an email interview with Suresh Narasimha, the founder of TELiBrahma.

Q1. Tell us what was the driving factor is starting Telibrahma. How the name was chosen?

There were 3 passions that made us start TELiBrahma:

a. Creating a product company from India
b. Building a consumer service in india that is not copy cat of the west
c. Role, mobile can play in India.

Meaning of TELiBrahma:

  • TELiBrahma represents Creation (BRAHMA is a mythological god for creation) of solutions in the space of convergence between TELecom and Internet.
  • I” represents internet, integration, innovation, intelligence and industriousness within TELecom space.
  • TEL”i”BRAHMA as a whole represents €œconfidence and responsibility in innovation and communicating the innovation to the world within the convergence space.

Q2. Mobile phones have evolved as a very big market in terms of advertisement, marketing and brand promotion. Do you feel you entered this market at a very appropriate time.

We feel it is still in nascent stage and lot more things may emerge over next couple of years. We entered the market @ an early stage with an idea that would scale and dared the brands to think beyond SMS. We are asking brands to consider mobile not just as a response generation media but a core brand building media which is a huge differentiator.

Q3. Ab initio, what was your target market-size and has it grown as you moved along?

Mobile marketing in India is around 70-100 crore opportunity this year, growing at around 60-70%. But our positioning is to integrate with traditional media and expand the overall pie. We believe we are addressing a market size of 30 B$ per year.

Q4. What the client has to say about your solutions and services?

95% of our customers do repeat activities and nearly 70% of them have increased their spends by more than 300% which demonstrates how much they like our offerings.


Q5. Tell us about your team and about the work-culture at Telibrahma.

Startups and great companies are built by great teams and we are not an exception. We are a flat and informal organization. Team represents extremely high levels o commitment, passion and innovation which is the reason where we are today. There is a zero attrition of the core team which perhaps is the reason behind consistant innovation

Q6. Talking about growth and competition, where do you see Telibrahma standing presently in Indian mobile solution market?

We are recognized as leaders in delivering technology solutions for the advertising market place. Awards, growth and the mindshare in the advertising press reflects the same.

Q7. What importance innovation brings to your venture and what are you planning for future?

We are focussed around delivering rich media engagements with targeted consumers and our innovation is around that. Currently we have 2 products viz. BluFi a solution to deliver mobile interactions on Bluetooth and WiFi network and IntARact a multi model AR framework.

We have built lot of IP around location based advertising, Augmented reality, image search amogst others.

Suresh NarasimhaQ8. As the owner of a successful business venture, what is the value of social media in your eyes, especially for Telibrahma?

Social media today enables great way to connect and engage with targeted consumers and customers. A brand can not be built without utilizing the power of Social media today. We as TELiBrahma have several offerings around mobile and location enabled social networking. We are also heavy users of social media.

Q9. Talking about your personal journey as an entrepreneur, how has been the feeling?

I don’t think anything else would have given me so much of learning and happiness. I am happy I could do what I have done.

Q10. Any advice for future entrepreneurs from your personal and professional experience?

Be hungry, Be humble. Have lot of patience and purpose.

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