Entrepreneur Sachin Tendulkar–do you know him?

Sachin Tendulkar
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No matter whether you like to watch Cricket or not; whether you are offended by the match-fixing scandals; whether you lost the faith in “Gentleman’s Game”, there is always something that this game could teach you. Cricket happens to be longest game in terms of time; and if Tennis matches excluding the ones that cross to the next day due to rain delays are considered, it might end up being the longest one.

We come to focus ourselves on Sachin Tendulkar. He is an entrepreneur. Why? This is what we are here to discuss.

Rumors have it that when his father told him that he could either fund his studies or his game, Sachin replied that he wanted to play. (First quality of an entrepreneur: It knows what it wants to do and what motivates it most)

He was young. He worked hard on technique and stamina. Sachin was called in the team at a very early age and was pitched against one of the fearsome attack in Pakistan. After initial set-back, he roared back and people knew, a phenomenon has just entered the world of Cricket. (Second quality of an entrepreneur: It does not lose heart at the very first attempt)

Unlike many others, Sachin was not carried away by show-off, glamor or image-creation. He loved the game and always wanted to contribute to its fame. (Third quality of an entrepreneur: It is focused on the venture and not on show-off)

Sachin was a brilliant team-member. He never talked outside what happened inside the dressing-room. Team-members respected his integrity. (Fourth quality of an entrepreneur: It is always true to its team)

Though Cricket is a team-game, Sachin worked hard on individual performance and always bounced back whenever the personal form slacked a bit. In fact, he perfected every shot and technique, yet improvised, innovated and created shots that looked cheeky but garnered runs. (Fifth quality of an entrepreneur: It has a strong foundation but ready to innovate)

When accolades came; records tumbled; and the whole world seemed to be awed into an appreciative hush, Sachin preferred to stay with his family, kept a low-key affair for functions and always talked about playing for the team.

There is no better example in sports than Sachin Tendulkar working like an entrepreneur, building a career spanning more than 20 years, collecting every possible record and accolade in the way, and yet maintaining a saint-like reverence among the peers, competitors, and opposition.

In business, such shining and spotless career might be difficult to create on regular basis, but still, Sachin is fire-lit example of entrepreneurial spirit that illumines others and never diminishes.

Some strange traits of Sachin:

  1. He says he is uncomfortable when he walks down the pitch, but regains his confidence when he reaches there.
  2. He prefers to wear strip buckles instead of Velcro straps on his pads. He puts an extra stuffing in his left pad.
  3. He never wears a cap while batting but a helmet.
  4. He wanted to become a fast bowler.
  5. He never shouted at a bowler; he never replied to a bowler’s prompting.

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  1. Cricket is incomplete without him.Cricket is my passion and the only thing i knows since i was born to met him once in a life time.

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