Doing Business in USA–5 PDF downloadable guides for entrepreneurs

USA, without doubt, presents huge opportunities when it comes to doing business. Though there have been threats to outsourcing and off-shoring in the recent past, yet this vast country present lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish themselves in service as well as product-based business.

In this article, we are providing 5 PDF guides helping the entrepreneurs for doing business in USA. These documents are easy to download and contain a very useful information.

A real big document of 248 pages providing detailed information regarding doing business in the United States of America. Though the document is bit old but it provides a complete guide to mutual recognition agreement between the European Community and the United States of America.

A bullet-point document containing 65 pages provides informations regarding legal issues, licencing, bank law and regulation, tax law and tax planning, etc. Really useful for entrepreneurs and direct investment enthusiasts.

A very updated document containing 79 pages provides information on how to setup a business, construction issues, getting credit, employing workers, tax issues, contracts, etc. A very useful document with very relevant information for entrepreneurs.

A 57 pages document provides overview of the United States demographic and environmental point of view, accounting, taxation, etc. Once again, a very detailed and structured document for entrepreneurs.

A 30 pages document with ppt slides full of graphs, images and statistical tables. A factual guide for entrepreneurs looking to do business in USA.

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