Cyber Saint–who is that?

Well, in the era when nobody likes to hear good words of elders and when nobody sits in the middle of villages where they talk about things that are good for humanity, we need to find out some points about the people who act like saints while being online. I mean the cyber-saint. A person who works within the ethics and does help others online should be termed as a cyber-saint. Here are some of the points:

1. Who does not support piracy and puts ceiling on desires of using software till they become open-source.

2. Who does not use laptops and other new models for show–limits the usage to functionality.

3. Who makes a direct traffic to sites and does not use search engines. It shows the omniscience of this cyber-saint.

4. Who does not ask people to click ads on the websites and also does not spam the mail boxes of others.

5. Who does not befriend anybody and everybody on social networking sites.

6. Who posts how-to and guides for others and give credit to other websites.

7. Who posts reviews fairly and does not do paid-posts for websites and books.

8. Who does read the “term and conditions” of the websites and just does not click “I agree”.

9. Who does not use porn or sites that do not follow the “ancient law of nicety”.

10. Who does not search for torrents for movies, e-book downloads.

11. Who sets the password of mail and computer as “Let everybody be happy”.

12. Who uses solar energy to power the computer–as much as possible.

13. Who offers trouble-shooting free of cost.

14. Who does not Twitter when it is not necessary.

15. Who does not leave un-understandable status messages on messengers.

16. Who does not use Youtube for porn videos.

17. Who does not Digg and make others Digg forcibly.

18. Who does not join communities on Orkut where there is no activity.

19. Who does show a cool face on Facebook.

20. Who does not use computer because of power consumption and global warming…

Could be easily termed as cyber-saint. I am sure that many of us have some points in us and therefore can sort of try to achieve maximum points.

The need of ethics and moral values is great in the present world and more so in the cyber world. I am sure that many among us does not like the way the world is going and many expect that the idea of 2012 could turn true. What you say people?

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