Cricket commentator Vineet Garg on Rahul Dravid's retirement

Karna makes his final sacrifice

Vineet Garg describes Rahul Dravid as the Karna if we take the analogy of Mahabharata related to Indian Cricket. He says that Rahul Dravid, right from the start of his career, has been overshadowed by equally deserving and shining players of Indian Cricket, but Dravid out of his sheer passion for the game, relentlessly worked to pursue perfection.

He sacrificed his batting number for the cause of the team. He served as the Wicketkeeper for the team (two World Cups) and also opened the innings many a times. Vineet says that Dravid is one of most determined and focused players of his generation and the whole Cricket world acknowledges this fact. He has remained one of the most performing and promising batsmen overseas.

Vineet wishes that Dravid continues to serve Indian Cricket in one capacity or other and impart his vast international experience to the youngsters who are not that much attracted to classic art of the game.

We present Vineet’s views on Rahul Dravid’s retirement, which has conveyed a message to all the Cricket lovers with an undertone of helping the team as a whole.

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    1. ek ladka h shailnder singh vo Vineet Garg ka jabardast fan h aur vo blind h aur apne idiol se phone par baat karna chahta h uska number h 9467090170.Asha karta hu ki uski icha jarur puri hogi .Vineet ne aajtak kisi ko nirash nahi kiya h

  1. Hello Everyone.
    Hello Sir Vineet. How are you all?

    hopefully everyone is making progress in their life.Live well.Write on forum if anyone get time to do that!

  2. Prahlad Singh Chouhan

    I want to meet vineet sir , because he made our childhood awesome with her melodious and mismerizing voice .

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