Cricket commentator Vineet Garg on Rahul Dravid's retirement

Karna makes his final sacrifice

Vineet Garg describes Rahul Dravid as the Karna if we take the analogy of Mahabharata related to Indian Cricket. He says that Rahul Dravid, right from the start of his career, has been overshadowed by equally deserving and shining players of Indian Cricket, but Dravid out of his sheer passion for the game, relentlessly worked to pursue perfection.

He sacrificed his batting number for the cause of the team. He served as the Wicketkeeper for the team (two World Cups) and also opened the innings many a times. Vineet says that Dravid is one of most determined and focused players of his generation and the whole Cricket world acknowledges this fact. He has remained one of the most performing and promising batsmen overseas.

Vineet wishes that Dravid continues to serve Indian Cricket in one capacity or other and impart his vast international experience to the youngsters who are not that much attracted to classic art of the game.

We present Vineet’s views on Rahul Dravid’s retirement, which has conveyed a message to all the Cricket lovers with an undertone of helping the team as a whole.

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  1. We always associate ‘CHOKER’ with RSA.
    Here again, I’d like to make a statement about that:
    Yes they are CHOKER, Definitely, BUT IN A WORLD CUP MATCHES ONLY “VERY SPECIALLY” IN Semifinals but outside WC, I always think they are the best team in the world.
    Once I told one of my friends that-I’d go WITH BANGLADESH rather than RSA if it is a WC-SEMIFINAL in all situations!

    Now let leave WC alone since we aren’t in it.
    And MIDDLE LOWER ORDER OF INDIA needs some addressing. It was the lower middle order that made the difference in {LORDS 2011 TEST MATCH, ENG V IND,,, ENG 2ND INNINGS 5/62,, PRIOR AND BROAD took it away…} + {MCG 2011 BOXING DAY TEST MATCH AUS V IND,, LOWER ORDER OF AUSTRALIANS ADDED 200 ODD RUNS WHILE INDIAN LOWER ADDED 70 ODDS. INDIA LOST BY 100 ODD RUNS.}+{2010-11 ASHES SERIES—PRIOR has a vital contribution at each critical time and won the ashes 3-1}+{None better than this current ASHES series,,, HADDIN CONTRIBUTION IS THERE FOR ALL TO SEE}.
    And lower middle order chokes again…yes yes yes… chokes.

  2. 14 consecutive comments in a row(INCLUDING THIS ONE)… I think that’s a RECORD on this forum. That’s a RIPPER from me,,, definitely.
    How are you Sir?

  3. Terribly bizarre and Shameful captaincy from England earlier in the day….allowed 40 runs to last wkt….what a shame.
    I believe that among all the reasons of this Ashes defeat—Johnson, Haddin, Warner,Clarke ,,,pathetic batting display from Englishmen,and lacking Killer instinct in the end of the inning,,,,, the captaincy of Cook has been even more pathetic and very very defensive….very sluggish.
    It hasn’t only affected his batting performance,,,but also everyone is looking tired and uninterested , to be honest.
    England miss A.Strauss very badly. He was a very good captain… but he didn’t get any sort of time after that 2-0 home loss to RSA and was forced into the retirement while KP mysterious saga was going on behind the scenes as well as on screen also.
    They will be cursing themselves now that they have lost an ACE.
    A Strauss was great for them

  4. namaste sir ji akash bhai akhir kar mene aapke record ko jayda dur nahi jane diya. sir ji indina team jo africa main khel dikha ya hai use toh pata lag gaya hoga . rohit sir jadeja ,dhwan khud dhoni ke batting ne toh kamal hi kar diya . ab kuch log kahege ki jadeja ne toh 6 wicket liye hai . 70 – 80 over karne ke baad toh main aur akash bhi wicket le sakte hai. bhuvenesh aur umesh ka na khilana bahut mahnga pada par dhoni saab ko toh apne favar8 aur CSK ke player ko khilana hai . par ummedo ke unarup rahne ne jabardast inn khele . par unhe batting order main shuru main bhejna chaye. anuj garg

  5. Its new year eve. And we are about to say Goodbye to another year. Its gonna be a cracking year as India comes out of Asia this year.
    FIRST 2 test in NZ, surprisingly 5 test in ENG and 4 in AUS. India should expect something in first series, however LONG GRASS is there on the pitch, if they didn’t win those or avoided defeat in 2 tests , then Record will read as such after last test match of AUSTRALIA tour(usually AT SYDNEY , 3-7 JANUARY 2015):
    WINS: 0
    DRAWS: 1
    Dhoni man of series for being STILL the captain.
    Anuj bhai,
    Dhoni has been GREAT as ever. Stunning decisions (which are counted as his smartness) like bowling 140 overs with one ball while Jadeja bowling 25 in a row and so many . What a GREAT player. I think Dhoni has as many fans IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES as many in INDIA. He definitely have more abroad fans than Sachin Tendulkar. SACHIN was devil to all foreigners and Dhoni is Santa Claus!!

  6. Sir Aapko or or fourm ke sare members ko naye saal 2014 ki subhkamnaye!!
    Team india ka saal ka anat dukhad…………………….. or udher kallis ki sandar vidai
    Pata nahi kaya ho jata hai bharat ko ain najuk mooke pe aakar harne ki jaise lat pad gai ho…………… yeh series hum 2-0 se harte yeh to bhala ho rahane ka ki unhone 1st test me Du plessis ko run out kar diya or is test me ak sure innings haar ko tal diya.
    is saal cricket chhodne walo ki list lambi hai Sachin, kallis husey, dilsan, agarkar etc.
    Dhoni ak badhiya captain hai is me koi saq nahi, per agar ghar ke bahar unke test record pr nazar dale to wo tasali nahi dete team unke under 9 test me se 8 test haar chuki hai, yeh aankde kuch ras nahi aate, nz toure 1 challenge le kar aa raha hai boult ka samna kaise karnge? per sir naye saal me aap jayda se jayda commentary kare or hum aapko sunte rahe yehi kamana karta hun thanks sir ……………………………

  7. Gautam Gambhir selection surprises a few experts on AAJ-TAK. But it’s already written on the last AUSTRALIAN tour when Gautam was appeared to be in the favour of V.Sehwag: India’s current best TEST player:Biggest rival(threat) to the captain(why?).
    Gautam Gambhir: Boy oh boy…its time to pay!!
    Its INDIA…”CHAMCHAGIRI” karni padegi uski— who is in charge—captain.
    At least until Mr Kejriwal produce something extra-ordinary( extra-ordinary –in the sense because BCCCI is something that is not even under RTI…its like NORTH KOREA!!)…To me Mr. Kejriwal is the only hope for Sehwag/Gambhir to be back in the team.

  8. pujyaniya sir,pranam
    aapse kaafi samay door raha,,,,,,,,,,kshama prarthi hoon.
    Prabhu ki mahaan anukampa se naya saal mia hai,,,,,,,jamm kar jeena hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mazaa lootne ka waqt hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,parmeshwar ki jay.
    mr kallis ne test se wo vidaayi liya jo mr sachin ko lena chahiye tha.Ekdumm chupchaap,,,,,,,,,,saahas bhari paari.mehnati sipaahi ko naman.
    mr dhoni ki badi taarif ho rahi hai,,,,,,,honi bhi chahiye,,,,,,,,,,he deservs.
    kitni hasrat se khushi milti hai,,,,,,,,jiyo jee bhar ke.

    Aapko pranam,,,,,,,,mithe bol ki aasha.

  9. Absolute Hammering. Third PINK(white)-WASH in ashes History: All by Australians
    1st time in 1921..2nd in 2006-07 and third in 2013-14. However this one is worst. It has happened for the first time that England have lost 100 wkts in a 5 test match series. Australians-deserved winners. I think MAN OF THE SERIES award should have been shared b/w JOHNSON AND HADDIN. What a performance by the Australians. Their next test series in RSA will tell whether it was for real or it was just that England bowed out too easily.
    It is quite nice that KFC BIG BASH league is running while their INTERNATIONAL matches are ON too. So explicit choice to players: EARN
    either MONEY or RESPECT!
    Big loss to Dwayne Bravo and others as they are playing ODIs( i guess ) in NZ,,,,,just near KFC BIG BASH grounds!!!

  10. namaste sir ji sir abki bar ranji trophy ke liye kon favr8 hai . mujhe toh lagta hai iss bar karnatak ke chance jayada hai.sir please kuch likhe. anuj garg

  11. kumar jai shaktik

    Pujyaniya sir,Pranam.
    aapki aashirwad se nawaza gaya hoon shaayad khushnasib hoon ki aapke prempaash me bandhak bana hoon.

    Kaafi samay se mere mobile se site surf karne me pareshani ho rahi hai ,,,,,,,,nischit hi page mature ho gaya hai.Aap bhi ekaant me chintan ki mudra me pratit hote hain.

    dharaprawaah ki drishti se kuchh ajab-gajab ki punrawritty suchit hoti hai!!

    yadi baalakon ko lumbey samay tak bina gyan ke rahna parey to swabhawik hai ki vichar me sankirnta aa jaaye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,vintee hai ki darshan den,,,,,,,,,,,,,kusal-kshem hi sahi.

    Aapne hi to kahaa hai ki………..”tum mujhe yun bhula na paawoge,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

    bhulna to door ki baat hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,apni saanso me bhi aapki sugandh mahsoos hoti hai.

    maanav prawritty hi hai ki kuchh samayantral par prabhu se saakshaatkaar karne hetu laalaayit rahta hai.

    Dayaa karen.
    madhur pukaar ,,,,,,,,,pranam.

  12. Sir Vineet Garg, Good evening.
    Dear Sir, today is January 14th 2014.
    Sir you last commented on the forum on December 12th 2013, 9:49 am.
    Its already longer than a month since you last commented on the forum. Sir if there has been a mistake committed by me because of which you are not commenting on the forum. Then Sir please forgive me for that. Dear Sir forum is useless without you. There is no point being here without having your assistance. Sir please come back.
    I’m sorry for any mistake. Sir please come back.

  13. namaste sirji nz se series ka aagaz hone wala hai .dhoni ne yeh kahna shru kar diya hai pitch ka mizaz bahut tez hai . nz ki team bahut forum main hai dekhte hai sir kya hota hai. anuj garg

  14. Sir aapko or pure fourm ko desh ke Gantantra Divas ki dher sari subhkamnaye!!
    kafi din ho gaye hai sir aap fourm per nahi aa rahe hai, aapke margdarshan ki jarurat hai, aaj ak achha match ghatit huaa, india ak bar fir videsh me fail nazae aa raha hai, is match ko tie karwane se aasha bandhi hai ki ab team india better karegi, or han sir aapki commentary ko miss kar raha hun, umeed karta hun ki aap NZ me test ki commentary jarur karenge or humara gayan badhayege!! thanks sir ……………………

  15. Virat Kohli has stand tall in almost every condition.He is maturing really fast. Good for Indian Test Cricket. Looking back in the time where it all started was @WACA ,PERTH 2011-12. He scored 44 & 75 . And for the #FIRST TIME in his career he played PULL shot with extreme control. Changed his life. Changed him completely. He grew in confidence,,who wouldn’t after being comfortable at the #scary WACA for so long in both innings where every single Indian+Australian batman struggled badly (excluding Laxman 50 in First Innings, WARNER 180 AND ED COWAN 69..or may be 52) he was brilliant. That confidence was clearly seen in next Test match @Adelaide Oval where he scored his 1ST TEST TON and here he is in present:V.KOHLI.
    Consistency will be key.

  16. Hello guys,missing everyone very badly in the severe winter here in kashmir valley.It is the toughest and testing winter for far about 3 feet of snow was also recorded.The night temperatures are fallen -5 degree c.
    On the other hand our cricket activites is badly affected by snow.
    Forum is also losing its charm without vineet garg.only mr akash is informing us about world cricket.we hope all the forum members will back and resume the inning on forum.i would also like to request mr vineet garg to attent the forum regularly,becoz it is just a class without teacher.

  17. Well said by Sheeraz about Sir not attending ‘The Class’…
    Kashmir-beauty of India. Stay Covered in a lot of Warm Clothes Sheeraz bhai.
    Sheeraz bhai,If you can ,,please share some experience of living in such a beautiful and ICELAND kind of place.

    Meanwhile Mauling of England continues in AUSTRALIA…5-0 IN ASHES,,4-1 IN ODIs …AND 1-0(AFTER 1 MATCH) IN T20s …But I think England will be fine… However Cook is “RESTED” for next tour…. #QUICK #ACTION

  18. yes absolutly akash,people of kashmir are living in ice land with severe amount of coldness.To overcome this biting cold we people wear traditional dress pheran along with kagedi(firepot).The vehicles are not started easily due the dip in overnight temperature.The roads and electricity are badly disrupted due to the heavy snow fall which makes life more difficult.
    I am great fond of cricket.i love to play cricket.more often we are playing in the winter becoz of winter vacation.But this year snow fell two month before which affect my game also.In last year my performance was really great both with bat and ball.
    Dear Akash bhai,Met predicted more snow from feb 2 to 6.Heavy snow about 4feet expected to lash kashmir valley.imagine the life of kashmiri people.

  19. Yes it must be difficult,Sheeraz bhai. I can feel only a bit but it is hard to imagine. Temperature here in Haryana doesn’t fall that much,you know.I love WINTER Season more than summer’s but EXCESS of anything is bad. Hard luck for cricket. I hope that prediction proves wrong and you guys have cricket game underway. So good luck on that.
    Thanks for sharing a peculiarly interesting place.

    So the people in Charge must use some sort of thing like Salt to melt down the ice ,,don’t they? Kashmir, Our Kashmir is a beauty on this Earth.

  20. yes akash bhai,we use salt which acts as a catalyst increases the rate of reaction.I hope everything will be fine.



  22. Anuj bhai, aapki ek ek baat 100% sehmat hu. This is ……well I don’t really have the words…
    People will say i’m blaming Dhoni even after he has been most consistent in the whole series. Yes he has is there for everyone to see.
    But Poor tactics all around,,in all 4 departments: BATTING,BOWLING,FIELDING,TEAM SELECTION.
    Batting:why he doesn’t come at no.4 ,given he is most experienced in the team,,,what he keeps on waiting for…if he has no desire to get team out of trouble then I don’t think any other player can be blamed for doing it. You are the leader. Then why are you hiding @ no. 6? LEAD. but that’s what happening….and is very unlikely to change.
    He will keep on coming @6,,,with ZERO PRESSURE cause Team has already lost….hence scoring 40/50 every inning while playing with extreme care and defence in the beginning ….
    if he pulls it off…then WHAT A PLAYER
    if he doesn’t…then OUR TOP ORDER COLLAPSED….
    Wow!! Tell me Anuj bhai,,Sheeraz bhai that I’m wrong.
    Bowling: Ashwin is a big star(**********)=10 ratings!
    Dumb batting! Dumb bowling! Dumb leadership! well done CRICKET team!
    You humiliated the country AGAIN!!

  23. Now At least I’d like to have some change.
    If they say we don’t have any options: That means NO Better Option..right? (i guess)
    But we have been clean swept in last 3 overseas test series,,, we have won 1 ODI against the host country in last 17 ODIs overseas….0-3(5 matches) in ENGLAND,,1-3 TO AUSTRALIA(HEAD TO HEAD IN TRIANGULAR CB SERIES), 0-2(3 matches) IN RSA,,0-4(5 matches) IN NZ.
    Well it is WORST.
    Nothing can be worse than this….so every option has to be better. But its India,,so CHANGE is unlikely to happen.
    I think In India people hate “CHANGE” the most however “CHANGE” is rule of Nature.

  24. GREAT NEWS BOYS…SIR V.G. will be back soon on the forum as he had been unable to write on the forum due to a very schedule of Sir’s work and well He will be back…so GREAT NEWS!

  25. namste sir ji akash bhai aapne bahut acchi news sunnai hai. sir ka bahut busy schdule hai .aur akash bhai test match main india performance ke bare main kya kehna choge.
    anuj garg

  26. Namaskar Anuj bhai.
    I think it goona continue until you really try to build the team and remove this set up, this leader and poor tactics. I think not only Dhoni but Coach D.Fletcher also must be sacked. The man who was a England coach a few years ago, looks a plans A,B,C not only in the matches that England won also in those matches in which England lost. He also has to pay.
    I think Ganguly should set up in coaching staff…

  27. Namaskar Anuj bhai.
    I think it goona continue until you really try to build the team and remove this set up, this leader and poor tactics. I think not only Dhoni but Coach D.Fletcher also must be sacked. The man who was a England coach a few years ago, looks a plans A,B,C not only in the matches that England won also in those matches in which England lost. He also has to pay.
    I think Ganguly should set up in coaching staff…He is the only Indian TV commentator whose satisfies me…
    He is gonna be a great coach…a great thinker…
    But I don’t want him there until Dhoni is not gone because “POWER” of our is too strong and he will be gone …I know He will be a coach someday and I don’t wanna lose such a person over some tragic captain.
    Other BIG news: KP : Kevin Pieterson has been told that his England International Career is “OVER AND OUT”.
    Good bye KP. Hope not to see you in IPL!

  28. Ishant Sharma report:
    @ debut:
    Bowling Speed :145-148 Kmph.
    Hairs length:6-8 inches.

    Today FEBRUARY 6, 2014 @Auckland Full Grass Pictch:
    Speed:124-128 Kmph.
    Hairs:14-16 inches.

    One “S” down another “S” up!
    “:(*&******t*a*r************** (S)tyle…WOW!!!
    However Today his “HANDS” are letting the ball fell in the right place and he has 2 of TOP 3 wkts…
    Our openers are sharing a good “partnership” dropping a catch apiece…
    NZ 3/85 7th over post lunch(overall 30.3 ovs)

  29. What has happened to Sunil Gavaskar,one of the best batsman cricket world has ever seen,,No. 1 of all time for me… but that’s not the point!
    He is criticizing Indian “”””””””legendary”””””””””” and “”””””powerful”””””””” captain Dhoni….
    I can’t believe what I have just wrote…
    Have to write it again…
    Sunil Gavaskar is criticizing Dhoni ,,,correctly though,,, for giving very 1st over to V.Kohli and thus giving an edge to NZ rather than giving to one his front line bowlers or even to R.Jadeja…. but not…
    He didn’t do it to change the ends either…
    So what now???
    I would suggest to S.Gavaskar: With all due respect Sir, say something good now!! about Dhoni if you wanna save your job…
    I can criticize Dhoni 24×7… He can’t anything anything to me…
    but you can’t …you just can’t…you are not “allowed”
    …I’m surprised how he dare to say some words like that!!! Great!

  30. namste sir ji sir aaj kal ap kaha par ho sir please koi toh comment kare. hare bahi jai akash naresh naushad hakim and all other member please froum par likna shuru karo. anuj garg

  31. good morning sirji akhirkar indian team ka ek aur videshi daura nirashajanak roop se samapat hua . indian team ki sabse badi problem uske gandebaj ho rahe hai . par jab india khalte hi 3 gandebajo ke saath toh aisa hi hoga . meri toh yeh samajh nahi aata ki ravindra jadeja ka team india main kya roll hai . na toh inn par sahi batting aati hai na sahi bowling. par jab tak dhoni ka haaath hai sab theek hai. anuj garg

    I reckon Sir is still not able to have free time otherwise he’d have registered himself on the forum.But we’ll wait.
    Team India latest NZ tour ended a little better than what I expected(personally) but overall it wasn’t really good. Anuj bhai, you blamed Our bowlers…I’ll come back to it a bit later,, but tell me how good how good our batters are. Why OUR MOST EXPERIENCED BATSMAN-DHONI bats @6/7…when you play on our flat tracks chasing down 350 in 40 overs.Even when our bowlers concede those runs(300+),,its not bad in my eyes considering only 4 fielders outside,,Strong bats,,Shorter grounds ,of course, and well don’t you forget poor captaincy,,,you can’t run away…but Fans still feel confident that yes OUR BATTERS WILL FINISH THE JOB,,,In NZ,,,fans don’t feel confident enough for our batters…we always trying to get it done the easy way by making flat tracks,,,tell me if I’m wrong-But Indian grounds always have highest scoring matches(with the possible exception of RSA-AUS match of 2005 ODI series @Wanderers-really short boundaries on that day).It NEVER EVER gonna work in testing conditions…not even other asian countries will give that much flat tracks. We never really try to get prepared for those green condition. That’s why I praise S.Ganguly so much for the work he did for Indian cricket (which is destroyed now though).
    Now to bowling performance of bowlers in NZ,,,I think they did more than fantastic for me given the field positions they were provided,,,and its old rule:CATCHES WIN MATCHES…Virat Kohli dropt catch cost India the test series…B.Mccullum taught really how to lead your team out of the trouble by walking @4/5 and staying there till last breath rather than hiding out @6/7-after being most capped Test player in your team.

    S.Ganguly has backed Dhoni to stay in charge until the WC2015 and I fully support Ganguly view. He has always been long term viewer and obviously want a permanent solution to the situation.
    What’s your realistic expectation from Indian team,Anuj bhai, in the upcoming Tours of ENGLAND,AUSTRALIA and big WC??? Write down your view when you have time!

  33. namaste sir ji asia cup bada mazedar tarike se chal raha hai . afg ke defencevie tarike ne unanhe jeetne nahi diya nahi toh ek ulat fare ho gaya hota . afg bowling is better than batting. anuj garg

  34. INDIA 5/246
    PAK 4/156 (35 OVERS).
    Regardless of result, really impressed with V.Kohli captaincy and bowling changes. He is going to his bowlers almost 3-4 times and these bowlers who looked ordinary in previous series are looking threatening. Team is looking a unit.
    This team is looking to fight for a target in the range of 250 which was out of question some time ago. Ashwin, all of a sudden, is giving flight to his deliveries and Cricket is coming alive in my heart, a bit if not much.
    Hoping for a victory against arch rivals Pakistan today.

  35. Sir aapko or aapke pure pariwar ko or fourm ke sare members ko ‘HOLI’ ki dher sari subhkamnayen!!

    लाल रंग आपके गालों के लिए. .
    काला रंग आपके बालों के लिए. .
    नीला रंग आपकी आँखों के लिए. .
    पीला रंग आपके हाथों के लिए. .
    गुलाबी रंग आपके सपनों के लिए. .
    सफ़ेद रंग आपके मन के लिए. .
    हरा रंग आपके जीवन के लिए. .
    होली के इन सात रंगों के साथ. .

    आपके पूरे परिवार को रंग भरी शुभकामनाएँ।

    Sir agar aap holi ka hume return gift karna chate hai to aap sirf or sirf commentary kar ke kai dino se humare intazar ko is tw20 WC me khatm karke hume khushi de sakte hai, or kaya mange aapse , aapka intzar rahega sir thanks sir……………..

  36. namste sir ji wct20 bahut jor shor se aage badh raha hai . lagta iss wc main kuch bade ulat fare jarur hoge . please sir aap commentary kijeye. anuj garg

  37. Sir namaskar or parnam sir aap kahan hai or kais hai, sir wt20 apne pure sabab per hai,
    kal to jaise yeh josh or junun ufaan per hoga kyonki kal pak- indo match hai, kaya aap kal hume apni commentary se humara margarshan karenge hume aapki commentyary bahut achhi lagti hai, or bahut din ho gaye hai aap ki karn pirya aawaj sune, aap jald aaiye aapka besabri se intazar hai…………………………. Thanks sir!!

  38. namaste sir ji sabhi members ko mera pyar bhara namaskaar please forum par sabhi dobara likhna shuru kar de. anuj garg

  39. Sheeraz Ahmad

    Dear guys!plz make comeback.where is vineet garg?really frustrating moments for us.plz start writing becoz forum losing its charm.Thanks

  40. Aslamakium Dear Vineet Garg
    After a very long period of time,This afternoon suddenly when i switch on my transitor your sweet and fruitful voice was comming and really enjoyed your commentry.
    But it has been long time since we talk eachother. sir Without any info you went DElhi for commentry.Forum is totally salient and on the other hand your phone is also switch off.So plz write your phone number and reply so that forum will run again as earlier

  41. Akash
    Hello Sir.
    Listened to your commentary in recent modi vs England.
    Loved it as usual.
    I’m writing after quite a long time.
    Feels like a “house coming”.
    Even after a graduate almost 12+ months ago, I can recall a lesson in class 9th English book:
    “A house isn’t a home”
    Teacher told us the meaning of the two words.
    I Didn’t really feel it (rather took it more as a funny thing, I guess most of class did)
    Now this forum gives that “feel”.
    I want to take this moment to apologize to everyone, including You sir, and in particular to Jai , for being part of a tussle,whoever fault it was,that ulmitaely ended this forum.
    I guess it requires two to make a quarrel.
    I hope everyone comes back.
    I hope Sir Vineet comes back.
    Hope is a good thing.
    So I hope.

    Hello Sir.
    Let’s refuel this forum.
    Hope to have a reply from you Sir.

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