Installing Applications with Debian’s deb Packages

Every Linux distribution has its own way of packaging the software. As an example, Red Hat uses rpm packages to install software and Debian based Linux distributions use deb based packages to install software. Although both rpm and deb seem to be bit complicated when you first hear it, but actually they both are files […]

25 Sites Related to Debian You Can’t Miss

Debian is an open-source community developed operating system and there are many sites that provide help and support and other solutions for using it. Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Debian that you would like to bookmark or keep on tips. 1. Debian Help Debian Help, as clear from the name […]

10 Ways to contribute to Debian

Linux revels in contribution from its users and almost all types of distros like to have some ways in which users and geeks can contribute to the projects. Debian does allow support and contribution on many fronts and if you feel you are ready to provide some sort of input, there are many ways in […]