25 Sites Related to Debian You Can’t Miss

Debian is an open-source community developed operating system and there are many sites that provide help and support and other solutions for using it. Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Debian that you would like to bookmark or keep on tips.

1. Debian Help

Debian Help, as clear from the name itself, is a site dedicated to provide solutions and help to issues related to the use of Debian. There are various types of tutorials and guides for the use of Debian on this site.

2. Debian Women

Debian Women is a site dedicated to women who use Debian and are interested in its development. This is an ideal platform to join the community for female users.

3. Kernel

A site having all types of kernels of Linux and holds the archives for these kernels.

4. Debian World

A French site dedicated to the users of Debian and having a lots of articles about it.

5. Debian Forums (German)

German forums about topics related to Debian and its usage.

6. EsDebian

The site is dedicated to Spanish users of Debian and contains all types of support in Spanish.

7. Debian Administration

Debian Administration is a site dedicated to topics, articles, solutions, guides and polls related to Debian. Really a beautiful site to be on while you look to use Debian.

8. Debian Forums

Debian forums for all types of issues related to Debian. News, announcements, help and support are provided through these forums to new and existing users of Debian.

9. Debian Brasil

Another site dedicated to the development and spreading of Debian among the users in Brazil.

10. Distrowatch

A must site for any type of Linux distro and so for Debian also. Provides a lot of information and solutions for issues related to Debian.

11. Planet Debian

A site completely dedicated to news, blogs and articles about Debian updated by various users and developers of Debian across the globe.

12. Debian KDE Team

A site dedicated and maintained by Debian KDE Team for the development and spreading of Debian.

13. Debian Multimedia

As clear from the name itself, a site dedicated to use of multimedia in Debian.

14. Debian Live

Debian Live is a site dedicated to the Live usage of Debian without classical installation of this operating system on a computer machine.

15. Debian Linux

A wonderful site to have some tutorials and guides about Debian. Provide vast and in-depth tutorials and new users to get used to the environment of Debian.

16. Embedded Debian

A site dedicated to the embedded version of Debian. Provides all types of articles and support for this version.

17. Debian News

A site completely dedicated to news and articles related to Debian. A must read for users who want to know more about Debian and its development progress.

18. Tuxmachines

A site that provides fast and reliable content about all types of Linux distros including Debian. Must read for all new Linux enthusiasts.

19. Debian Packages

Debian Packages is a site where you can find update packages to all types of software related to Debian.

20. Debian Times

A site dedicated to news, articles and announcements related to Debian. A classic newspaper type website for Debian users.

21. Debian User

A blog providing interesting content related to Debian and must read for new users of Debian.

22. How to Forge

A site dedicated to providing solutions, guides and tutorials about Linux distro including Debian.

23. Debian Wiki

The official wiki site of Debian providing all types of information related to various components of Debian for users.

24. Debian Documentation

The complete documentation about the Debian project. Should be read while learning how to get used to Debian environment.

25. Debian Admin

A wonderful site providing articles, news, solutions, tips and tutorials about Debian. A very good site for new users of Debian.

4 thoughts on “25 Sites Related to Debian You Can’t Miss”

  1. Your tuxmachines link is broken … ironically, imho it’s one of the few sites listed that’s actually worth the click. The others, for me, are Debian Administration and howtoforge. The rest don’t really provide much substance.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out–I corrected it.

    Well, it would be helpful if the users could contribute some more sites. I myself had hard time finding good sites about Debian.

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