10 Ways to contribute to Debian

Linux revels in contribution from its users and almost all types of distros like to have some ways in which users and geeks can contribute to the projects. Debian does allow support and contribution on many fronts and if you feel you are ready to provide some sort of input, there are many ways in which you can help Debian.

  1. If you are a geek or even a start-up in Linux system, testing the operating system is one of the best support that you can provide to any distro. Reporting bugs is extremely important for the development of any operating system.
  2. If you are developer, you will be very much needed for future development of Debian. The new release might have some areas where you can work on.
  3. If you have been into Debian for long and know how to handle some issues, other users will be helped if you can provide support through the mailing list.
  4. You can help writing documentation either by working with the official documentation provided by the Debian Documentation Project or by contributing at the Debian Wiki.
  5. Translating documents and software guides into different languages is very popular contribution and if you know any other language than English, you are better equipped for this.
  6. If you are technically sound, you can help in package maintenance. You can also provide fixes or patches or additional information in the Bug Tracking System for those packages.
  7. Spreading the name of Debian is once again a very good contribution. If you have a blog or a website, you can put some graphics directing the clicker to the main site of Debian.
  8. You can contribute in architecture for porting Debian. If you know something better, you can even start a new one.
  9. If you feel like donating, you can donate equipment and services to the Debian project.
  10. Encourage others to try and join Debian.

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