Bhajan Lyrics Bhava Bhaya Harana

Bhajan Lyrics of Bhava Bhaya Harana Vandita Charana

When you sing any kind of bhajan or a spiritual hymn, it is always great to know the meaning of the words that you are singing. It brings the concept of that song right before your eyes, and you can visualize it thereby committing your body and mind fully to it. Sometimes, it happens that […]

Bhajan Lyrics of Chitachora yasoda ke bal

Bhajan Lyrics of Chitachora Yasoda Ke Bal

Singing and listening Indian bhajans are a treat for both the singer and the listener. They, like other devotional songs, have the power to transport you to a different place where the whole being tends to melt and the presence of the divine is felt. I have participated in lot of Indian as well as […]

Sai Bhajan Lyrics

Bhajan Lyrics and English Transliteration in IAST format

Indian bhajans or hymns are quite popular in India and foreign countries too. There is a special Kirtan band section of devotees in Western countries that sing and play musical instruments with these bhajans. A lot of them know many bhajans by heart and perform on number of occassions, sometimes regularly at meditations centers, yoga […]