Bhajan Lyrics of Chitachora Yasoda Ke Bal

Singing and listening Indian bhajans are a treat for both the singer and the listener. They, like other devotional songs, have the power to transport you to a different place where the whole being tends to melt and the presence of the divine is felt.

I have participated in lot of Indian as well as Western style Kirtans. A lot of Western singers love to sing short but sweet Indian bhajans that can be picked easily by the audience so that they could also sing in a call and response mode.

I have tried to provide the English transliteration of Indian bhajans so that people of other countries can also learn how to pronounce correctly, and wherever possible give meanings of the words.


Bhajan Lyrics of Chitachora yasoda ke bal

चित्तचोरा यशोदा के बाल

नवनीत चोर गोपाल

गोपाल गोपाल गोपाल गोवर्धनधर गोपाल

गोपाल गोपाल गोपाल गोपाल गोवर्धनधर गोपाल


English transliteration of Bhajan lyrics according to IAST system:

Cittacorā Yaśodā Ke Bāla

Navanīta Cora Gopāla

Gopāla Gopāla Gopāla Govardhana Dhara Gopāla

Gopāla Gopāla Gopāla Gopala Govardhana Dhara Gopāla


Meaning of some words:



गोवर्धनधर–the one who holds the Govardhana Mountain


If you want to get the tune and singing style of this bhajan, you can check this video:

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