Bhajan Lyrics of Bhava Bhaya Harana Vandita Charana

When you sing any kind of bhajan or a spiritual hymn, it is always great to know the meaning of the words that you are singing. It brings the concept of that song right before your eyes, and you can visualize it thereby committing your body and mind fully to it.

Sometimes, it happens that you just go with the tune because the language is foreign and you don’t understand what is being said. It is the music or the flow of that song that takes your inner being with it. But nothing can beat the combination of singing it while knowing its meaning.

Continuing our series, we bring you another Indian bhajan dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is a simple and sweet bhajan and a short one to memorize. We have provided the Devanagari script as well as the transliteration accroding to IAST system.

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Bhajan Lyrics Bhava Bhaya Harana

भव भय हरणा वन्दित चरणा

जय राधा जय माधवा शौरी

मङ्गल चरणा कलिमल दहना

नारायणा केशवा

जय राधा जय माधवा शौरी


English transliteration of the bhajan lyrics according to IAST system:


Bhava  Bhaya  Haraṇā  Vandita  Caraṇā

Jaya  Rādhā  Jaya  Mādhavā Śourī

Maṅgala  Caraṇā  Kalimala  Dahanā

Nārāyaṇa  Keśavā  (Sāī)

Jaya  Rādhā  Jaya  Mādhavā Śourī


Meaning of some words:

Bhava  Bhaya  Haraṇā–the destroyer of delusion and fears

Vandita  Caraṇā–worshipped or respected feet


If you would like to listen to this bhajan and prepare yourself to sing it, you can check this video:

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