Caravan Insurance

Caravan insurance is a crucial necessity for owners to avail of compensation during damages to their caravan and its contents. During these days, there are also options to get coverage for a stationary caravan or a caravan that is in tow. Caravan insurance policies also offer coverage for losses due to adverse weather or theft. A basic caravan insurance policy offers coverage to the costs related to the repairing of damaged parts. It is also possible to obtain a medical and liability insurance cover in addition to caravan insurance. Generally, the costs of premiums are decided by several factors including the age of the vehicle, its market value and the area where it is operated.

The items covered by a standard caravan insurance policy includes accidental damage or theft of the vehicle; expenditure on the paintwork if necessitated due to damage during accident, change of permanent fixtures like stabilizer, refrigerator or battery; damage due to loading or unloading of items on the caravan during travel; financial liability to other person’s property due to accident. General caravan insurance policies do not cover emergency accommodation costs if the vehicle is not in a fit condition. This has to be paid separately. Contents of the caravan are to be insured separately.

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