Commercial Insurance

Under the uncertain and risky market scenario prevailing today, it becomes a crucial necessity to buy a suitable commercial insurance to safeguard your business. Commercial insurance can be understood as a risk management solution for all types of businesses. The value of the premium is decided on the basis of the type of industry and the magnitude of the business. The type of industry means the risk level involved and the magnitude refers to the number of employees and the annual turnover. A typical commercial insurance covers such aspects as property damage, general liability, professional liability, workers compensation, business interruption, key person’s life insurance and equipment or mechanical breakdown.

Firms offering commercial insurance policies have employed a set of underwriting standards to determine the eligibility of a given business for business commercial insurance. The insurance firms also apply the same set of parameters to decide how much coverage to offer. To be eligible for commercial insurance, businesses need to fall into one of the classifications laid down by insurance companies. Clean payment records alone will not therefore suffice a company to avail attractive discount over the prices of insurance policies. It is very much essential to make the agent understand all about your firm to avail of the best discount possible.

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