Car Battery: Routine Maintenance and Service

Car battery maintenance is the most crucial aspect of car care. Most battery failures are due to negligence of regular maintenance.Through regular checking and proper maintenance, you can get the most life out of your car battery.

Most car owner’s manuals do not mention anything about car battery maintenance. However, car owners must make battery checking a regular routine to ensure they are not stragled on the highway without being able to start their vehicle. During car services, every technician is expected to perform a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle once it is brought to the garage. Battery performance checking is the most important part of this process. Battery testers that can be held in hand require just a minute or two to check the battery performance.

It is to be noted that most battery failures do not happen overnight. If the meter reading falls from the recommended voltage, it is an indication that the car battery is not putting out the expected amperes and that it is time to change it. Batery check is recommended at least over a run of every 7,500 miles. Regular battery checks will ensure that you can start the car properly everytime.

Apart from periodically checking the battery during car service, there is something that you need to follow as a routine practice. Visually inspect the battery while you clean your car and examine whether there are any leaks and cracks. In case you find any, you need to replace the battery. You also need to check the cables of the battery to see whether there are any exposed wires or corrosion.

Wire battery cleaner tool will prove useful to clean the battery terminals and the ends of the battery cable terminals. These days, a number of companies are manufacturing battery cleaner sprays. The cans also list out the detailed instructions to clean the batteries. You can avoid future corrosion of the battery parts by spraying battery protector solution. Once the cleaning is over, you can reattach the cables to the battery. The triple actions of testing, maintaining and servicing are essential ways in which you can significantly lengthen the life span of your car batteries.

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