Buying an external hard disk nowadays

It was in 2013 when I bought my first external hard disk. At that time, a 500 GB hard disk was more than enough to save all types of data—whether you have images, videos or text files, this storage would suffice. But times have changed. The file size of videos, images have increased so much given the consumption on social media also that user need bigger size of hard disks. This need brought 1 TB hard disk in the market but they needed power and could not be used simply by plugging them in the system through a USB drive. However, later on that functionality was brought on too.

The decision of buying a hard disk is not easy. The selection of company depends upon number of factors. One of the most crucial among them would be the replacement policy. I remember, after using my hard disk for some time, it got some errors and became dysfunctional. I had a 3-year guarantee for the same hard disk. I called up the company and they said that I will need to visit one of their service centers and submit the hard disk and then after a week I will get a new one. I was living in Gurgaon and they asked me to visit Nehru Place in Delhi. I did the same. After a week, they gave me recertified hard disk. Till now, I have not faced any problem in that one. I was not delighted that they didn’t give me a new one but because it didn’t cause any further problem, I managed with it. The brand of my hard disk is Seagate.

However, now that the space offered in hard disk is higher and prices are also high, customers should research a bit before buying any hard disk. The trend in the market nowadays is of 2 TB. It would be a good option to read some reviews or articles about the best 2 TB hard disks.

Of course, once you buy it, you also need to take care of the product and save it from heat, dust and water etc.

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