Business opportunity in making shuttlecocks


Okay. You have played Badminton. You have known that Prakash Padukone was the first Indian to win All-England Badminton championship before Pullela Gopichand won it. And now what? You are expecting that Saina Nehwal would bring laurels to the game, which has thrived the tides of time and have been one of the most favorite pastimes right from the childhood to the old age.

The game of badminton has its charm in its delicacy and deftness and of course the grace that comes naturally to any net-game. I remember we had day-night matches in a village around 20 years back. It was such a rare feat at that time because there was hardly any sport played in our village at that time except Volleyball, Hockey or Kabbaddi (school games)–Badminton was anyhow out of question.

Now, visiting Meerut was to know how to make shuttlecocks. There are many small-scale manufacturers of these shuttles which, at that time, were one of the most prized sports goods for us.

I talk to one of them and clicked some photographs. I hope you will come to understand the process through the series of these pictures.

Some facts about shuttlecocks:

  • Feathers of the shuttlecock are that of a hen. However, one old gentleman said that during earlier times, feathers of ducks were also used in Assam. The quality of feathers decides the price of the shuttlecocks.
  • There are 16 feathers in one shuttlecock.
  • Two persons are able to make around 200 shuttlecocks in one single day.
  • The price of these shuttle varies from 7 t0 12 INR.

As an entrepreneur, do you think you should tap the opportunity of starting a business in shuttlecocks? If not the international market, there is an ample demand in the domestic market.

Hen’s feathers to be used for shuttlecocks
Features cut according to the size
Features being fitted in the cork as a base
Final touches being given to a shuttlecock
Boxes to store shuttlecocks
Shuttlecocks stored in boxes

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