Business of food outlets in historical monuments of Delhi

While visiting various forts and monuments of Delhi, I have noticed that there is not much to eat and drink within the premises. While some may say that this may spoil the area but if a managed corner is given, it can surely enhance the appeal of these places. Let me tell you why.

Tughlaqabad Fort

Various forts and monuments of Delhi have huge area and it takes quite a while to roam around and get the feel of the place. For example, consider Humanyun’s Tomb. Then consider, Tughlaqabad Fort. Consider Kotla Firozshah. All of these complexes have huge area and visitors get tired, hungry, and thirsty.

While Humanyun’s Tomb as a tuck-shop that serves tea, water and cold-drinks, Tughlaqabad and Kotla Firoz Shah have none. I understand that the latter do not have that much of footfall, but still considerable sizes of tourists visit these places.

Take for example the Qutub. There are many shops and eateries outside the complex. If they are not there, do you feel visitors will feel comfortable. My answer would be a big no.

In my opinion, if such things are provided inside the complex in a nice environment, it may increase the footfall because lots of people nowadays like to eat out.

In my opinion, there is definitely a business idea in this concept.

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