Business Ideas around Stage setting and scaffolding

What is the business behind stage setting; canopy setting and scaffolding for cultural/technical functions and events in open? Is this an opportunity that Indian entrepreneurs can think to tap? Do you feel that you can start a business of providing scaffolding, labor and stage setting skills for functions and events?

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It was in the year 2004 that I first saw a big canopy being setup in our college for a cultural fest that was being organized. To say the least, it was a gigantic setup of scaffolding covering vast area with a great height. The stage was set at around 5′ from the ground, which elevated the angle of vision for the audience if anybody was performing on that stage. When the students of our college performed on that stage with such a big canopy, it was like if a very cultural fest was being organized.

I remember the rumor that went around about the cost of setting up that canopy–it was estimated to be 90,000 INR to 1 lac, which was huge by any standards. Better sense had prevailed when our college celebrated the next year’s function as they totally avoided putting up this canopy to save money.

Now, the picture above shows a similar setup being arranged in the Zakir Rose Garden in Chandigarh. This stage was being setup for Rose Festival that was to be organized in the garden.

As an entrepreneur, don’t you feel that this could be an opportunity area that you can tap? With increased number of celebrations, functions, festivals, sports events, corporate events and even government events, the demand of these canopies has increased. It is high time that more design, cost reduction and some fresh ideas be injected in this business.

(Photo taken in Zakir Rose Garden, Chandigarh)

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