Business Ideas around Kites

Kites are colorful. When somebody flies a kite in the sky, a sort of thrill enraptures the heart. Flying kites is a famous activity of pastime in various parts of India and around the globe. In India and some other neighbor Asian countries, kites are mainly flown for tangling with others whereas one line ( a thread that supports the kite in the sky) cuts the other one. In various parts of India, kite contests are becoming quite popular. Lots of states in India celebrate kite flying competition annually, which also helps in boosting the travel industry.

kites, fighter kites, indian kites
Indian Fighter Kites (Image curtsey Lokesh Goyal)

Though kite industry is very fragmented and there is no regularization of this cottage industry, lots of people exercise their entrepreneurship skills in an unorganized way.

While thinking about business or entrepreneur ideas around kites, we come across some simple ones:

  • Kite material supply
  • Kite manufacturing
  • Line or thread manufacturing
  • Wholesale supplier of kites
  • Kite competition organizing

As an entrepreneur, do you feel you can start a business around kites? It is a huge unorganized industry but has a huge potential. Do you feel the thrill to fly your ideas like a kite!

(Photo taken in a house in Nabha, Punjab)

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