Business Ideas around festivals and functions of educational institutions

This article was conceptualized when I took part in the annual function of the institute where presently I am working as a placement officer. The work of the placement officer (or TPO–Training & Placement Officer) is to ensure that students get good training, and companies visit the campus for recruitment.

business opportunities in functions

Overall, it is tough job and there is always something fishy going on behind the scene. But anyways, let’s get back to the business opportunities that exist in festivals and functions celebrated in educational institutions.

The festivities can be divided in 3 main types but lots of colleges collaborate them to reduce the cost and sometimes save the time too.

1. Annual Function (held almost by all professional colleges)

2. Convocation Program

3. Youth Festivals (held each year by progressive colleges)

The business opportunities offered by these 3 types of functions are almost the same though for convocations programs, they are limited. Youth festivals are often more elaborated and stretch beyond 1 day and could be of 2 days or 3 days. Some colleges club their annual function with the convocation programs and so do it with the festival also.

Now, we would focus our intention towards the business opportunities arising from these:

1. Stage setup and scaffolding

This is one of the main business area where bidding might be involved. The coordinators or organizers decide the service provider. The concept of stage setup and scaffolding depends upon the size, theme, and functionality required. The price would vary accordingly.

At the same time, providing chairs, barriers, mats, and other decoration items could also be included in this.

2. Sound System

Once again, a major business opportunity. The sound system is the back-bone of any function. It might include light system also and also some effect-generating equipments used in dance and fashion shows.

3. Food and catering

More often than not, quality and price both are considered when organizers decide the service provider.

4. Banner and Flex Printing

It is one of those areas where quickness and price both are considered. The quality of the products is almost same because same types of machines are used. But organizers may depend on the service providers to be very flexible and willing to work in odd hours.

5. Stalls

Stalls can be included in the stage setup or can be considered separately. Lots of times sponsors want their stalls to be thematic. So, some innovation can also be used in this opportunity.

There are lots of other business opportunities on the minor scale like transportation, portable toilets, security, etc.


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