Business idea of Sanskrit Tattoos

This is highly unlikely that you would have thought about Sanskrit as a business idea. Apart from being a revered yet hardly-cared-for and almost-forgotten language, people do not take Sanskrit as worthy of any consideration. Yet, there is a successful business being carried out at a micro-level by online entrepreneurs.

I myself have done it and I see great potential in Sanskrit as a business opportunity, at least at the micro level.

Thus far, I have earned more than 2 lakh Indian Rupee from Sanskrit in various forms. The most prominent of them is Sanskrit Tattoos.

I created a dedicated site for providing Sanskrit Tattoos

It is ranking pretty high on “Sanskrit Tattoos” as a key-phrase on and I am getting regular orders on this. The idea is to provide translation of names, phrases and text from English to Sanskrit. People in the foreign countries, some in India too, are almost crazy about getting tattoos on their body parts. Many of them do it on tees also. Sanskrit comes in the first two choices almost for anybody. The other choice could range from Tibetan, Celtic symbols, and some other random choices. I use the services of my uncle who is Ph. D. in Sanskrit in translation and create the text on computer. A simple Paypal’s “Buy Now” button in integrated to receive money from overseas. As I mentioned that people in foreign countries like to get Sanskrit Tattoos, it is highly valuable to have a Paypal facility for them. I do have a few Indian clients and from them, I could receive money in my bank account.

I also have a dedicated buyer from Belgium who gets the tattoos on T-shirts and then sell them. He has hired a designer also who puts the translation creatively on tees for different designs for different buyers.

Overall, I would say that Sanskrit has a very good potential if somebody wants to pursue it on a micro-level. Here are some of the options that you can pursue if you have that undying love for Sanskrit:

  1. Sanskrit Tattoos
  2. Publish and print books of Sanskrit Literature. E-books of Sanskrit literature also draw some sort of attention.
  3. Audio and video related to Sanskrit hymns are on good demand.
  4. Encoding Sanskrit text for online use and providing software support is another opportunity. At the same time, font development is another activity that can be explored up to certain extent. There is a good demand of designer fonts of Sanskrit.
  5. Some sundry business opportunities revolve around astrology and Vedic research could also be explored.

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