Asia’s favourite casino games

As one of the tech hubs of the world, it’s no surprise that the iGaming industry has been so successful in Asia. Throughout the content, casino games are well sought after, from Japan’s capital city where there are even gaming restaurants and almost every anime film features a casino scene, to the ‘Las Vegas of the Orient’ Macau, which is home to some of the world’s best casinos.

Thanks to progressive laws that have eased up significantly in recent years, as well as the industry’s readiness to embrace the latest technologies, the casino industry has continued to thrive in Asia. While many traditional casino games actually originated in Asia, today’s versions of the games are quite different to what they once were. The games have been adapted to offer a seamless digital experience, meaning online casinos continue to evolve attracting new players from Asia and beyond each day.

Below, we’ll take a deeper dive into the success of online casinos in Asia and which classic casino games are most popular.

The 21st century casino scene in Asia

While it’s true that the likes of poker and baccarat have their origins in Ancient Asia, today’s online casino games offer just a glint into the past and a whole view into the future of what is to come in the gaming world, and it is exciting to say the least. However, when it comes to casinos in Asia when compared to Western casinos, the two are very different.

It is not only physical casinos that are very different between the West and Asia, but also people’s attitudes towards gambling and the difference in laws in each country too. For example, gambling in the West is very highly restricted and even outlawed in some countries, however gambling laws are very flexible in the likes of the Philippines and Macau, both of which are casino hotspots of the East.

Physical differences between Western and Eastern casinos

When it comes to casinos in the West, we tend to have a more casual attitude about attending the casino. Sure, there are some highly sophisticated places where you won’t get into the venue without a suit and a bow tie, but there are also very causal establishments that also serve as a bar, restaurant or entertainment venue.

However, when it comes to physical casinos in the East, they are seen as highly sophisticated and lavish places with high attention to detail and many extravagant features such a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceilings.

The favourite casino games of Asia

The gambling scene across Asia is thriving, in which people love to visit both the physical casino and play online too. However, some of the games can be a little different to the western world. Let’s take a look at the favourite casino games below.


What is Mahjong, you ask? Mahjong is a tile-based game created in China in the early 20th century. It is traditionally played by four players, although there are variants in Japan and South Korea too. The game was so popular that it has successfully evolved into an online offering that has become just as popular in Western countries too.

Instead of using cards like many traditional casino games, Mahjong uses domino cards. Players must race against time, and their teammates, or find a winning combination of 14 cards.


Although Baccarat isn’t quite as unique as the other traditional casino games, it is one of the favourites in Asia and can be a great source of entertainment. Baccarat is known for being quite an exclusive game in the West that only the elite can play, however in the EAST, people from all walks of life love to play and get involved.

In addition, one of the reasons Baccarat is so popular in Asia is because everything is done in 8. The number 8 is historically lucky in Asia, in which many people believe in the lucky powers of playing the game. So, if you’re visiting Macau or Tokyo and feel in the need for some luck, this game is one of your best options.

Slot machines

It would be hard for us to talk about casino slot games if it didn’t involve the luxuries and technologies of the Western world. However, slot machines are incredibly popular in Asia as not only are they legal, but they also offer a great deal of fun, without having to commit to a game, devise a strategy, or learn any complicated rules.

Overall, casino games in Asia are incredibly popular, just like in the rest of the world. While casino gaming attitudes in Asia are a little more accepted and progressive, there are still strict gambling regulations in places like China that mean it’s hard to play.

However, thanks to some of East Asia’s lavish casinos, best resorts, and world class access to casino games, whether online or in person, one thing is for sure that online casinos are not just a fad in Asia but are here to stay.

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