Are you a mason?–Build ecommerce sites!

Building websites for business owners and startup entrepreneurs have seen a huge rise in the recent past. The advent of globalization and freelance marketplaces has allowed individuals and small companies to offer their services worldwide and earn a share of the market. But why there is so much rush of building sites and e-commerce stores? Why almost everybody is looking to hire somebody who knows how to build a site using PHP, .NET, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, etc.? Why from students to professionals are looking to make an account and a profile on marketplaces like Elance, oDesk, Guru, and Freelancer, etc.

In this article, we will try to understand the transition that is happening worldwide in terms of business and markets and how it is generating millions of opportunities for workers worldwide.

Understanding the structure of a traditional marketplace

If you go to a tradition market, you will find shops, showrooms, outlets, markets made of mortar and brick, decorated in many colors and supporting various types of hoardings marketing various types of offers and sale formulae. Traditionally, marketplaces were built by architects, masons, painters, decorators, plumbers, and other construction industry components depending upon the needs and requirements of the shops and outlets. If there would have been a rush of building shops or malls, the construction industry and all the professions related to it get a boost of jobs. There would be an increased demand of workers, professionals, engineers, technocrats who could fill-in the need of such assignments.

Constructing the online marketplace

Now, with the advent on ecommerce and online shopping, people want to construct online shopping sites. The demand is huge given that young population is turning to internet for their shopping needs right from ticket booking to toys. You name any type of category and online marketplaces are coming up selling those items almost everyday with various types of sales offers.

It’s in this wake of increased global demand of building websites that the online masons are required in plenty. Coders like masons, designers like painters and decorators, content writers like marketing personnel and link builders and SEO optimizers like advertisers are required to build shops online where customers can get anything they look for.

The demand of such technical specialists is increasing and marketplaces are replete with jobs and projects open for bidding globally.

If you have some skills that can help build and optimize an online shop, you have a good future career prospect for at least 5-7 years.

Build on!

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