An effective personal blood glucose monitoring tool

With the lifestyle disease haunting a huge chunk of the human populace, diabetic care has become the most crucial segment of the medical industry. Being diabetic is a chronic condition that paves ways to several other complications in the human body and the failure of vital organs in the long run. Therefore an effective monitoring and control of the blood glucose level is the crucial need of the hour. More so during the modern age when people complain there is no time to rest or attend to their health needs, quick blood glucose monitoring device that is reliable and fool proof can come a long way in effectively managing the diabetic condition.

Well, a similar thing happened with one of my friends who had her husband troubled with this same problem. We worked together in a company in Gurgaon and I remember her stressed over the condition. Her husband was young and there was hardly any other problem–but the condition was there. We often talked about it over lunch. She detailed as how they have been advised to visit the hospital regularly and also adopt a very regulated diet so as not to aggravate the condition. I could not believe that such a thing could happen at such an early age after marriage. Well, actually, anything can happen to anybody, anywhere.

After a couple of months of regular visits to the hospital and also taking half-day leaves from the office, she told me that they have found a way to monitor the blood glucose level at their own home and need not visit the hospitals. She mentioned the name of Alere G1 Glucometer. I was intrigued and wanted to know more about this product because this could help a lot of people given that the disease was getting detected more often than not among a lot of people and some of them were in my own extended family circle.

Let’s now get in to some details regarding this condition.

Why monitor blood glucose level

Once diabetes breaks out, it becomes rather incurable. However, there are ways in which you can manage it or prevent it. The first pre-requisite to managing diabetes is the take complete responsibility for the symptom so that you can implement proven ways to manage it so effectively without any harm to other body functions and organs. Blood glucose testing shall enable you ascertain and evaluate from time to time whether you are meeting the goals of your diabetic treatment. It also says instantly how the medication given to you is coordinating with the blood glucose level. You can get to know in which direction your blood glucose level vacillates. Blood glucose testing also helps you implement the right diet plan that suits your diabetic condition. In this way, you can know how your lifestyle and habits including illnesses and stress affects your blood glucose levels. Glucometer is a handy device that can be used to test blood glucose from time to time many times in a day to manage your diabetes effectively.

Why Alere G1 Glucometer

My friend told me that they did a lot of research before landing on Alere G1 Glucometer as their choice of personal tool. It is one of the most excellently designed blood glucose monitoring device to manage blood glucose levels the most scientific way. The designing of this device has followed a careful consideration of the evolving needs and expectations of the diabetic patients today. The 99.9% pure gold employed in the test strips ensures that you get the most accurate readings every time. The auto coding feature adds to comfort and convenience, especially if the user is an elderly parent at home. The automatic strip ejector button in Alere G1 Glucometer provides hygiene and protection from infections. You can also store and recall 500 test results from device memory. This device has the widest measuring range when compared to the other popular brands available today. The blood sample size required to test is as tiny as 0.5µl. One of very useful features in Alere G1 is its ability to maintain independent profiles for 5 different users! This means 5 people can use the same Glucometer and recall their results correctly. I like this feature especially since I know of families with more than one diabetic member. Such families will not need to invest in separate devices for each. With all this, the device is set to meet the comprehensive requirements of the diabetic patients the easy way.


No wonder that I myself have bought this device to make sure that I regularly check the glucose level of my family members lest it goes beyond the danger mark.

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