Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the phrase: Enjoy Life

In the past 10 years, I have translated more than 500 Sanskrit tattoos for various customers either through a client or directly through my website. Many of them get these tattoos done on their body parts and many enjoy it printing on a t-shirt or a cap. Some even, had stickers made out for their cars.

Among some of the words or phrases that I receive for translation, I feel many are new-age just because they have a certain hint of rebellion in them. I like translating these because they are not common and pose an interesting linguistic challenge.

My source for these translation is a Ph. D. in Sanskrit–in fact, he was my teacher in school. He does not know much about the modern technology and also the English phrases that are commonly used to mean routine expressions due to the digital and computer age.

Anyway, this time, I bring a a Sanskrit tattoo translation for you which can be used both in the classical and modern terms: Enjoy Life. Who does not want to enjoy life. Well, if you are up to it, here is the translated version of the tattoo.

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Enjoy Life

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