A potpourri of namkeens just a click away

India is a country that has a baffling diversity when it comes to culture, languages, rituals, apparel, and even how people live their lives—when it comes to food, India is among some of the topmost countries for providing endless variety. Starting an online venture that takes care of this diversity bringing a plethora of snacks, sweets, health foods, and even fruits at one platform is a hell of a task—PlaceofOrigin.in has done it and seems to be doing great. Indians find snacks (namkeen particularly) to be irresistible—the ability to purchase a variety of snacks online is a truly a shot in the arm of such foodies.

A wide variety of namkeens are available on the website and you will find almost every item that you have ever tasted available—you just have to buy it and you can enjoy that cherished taste once again!

The best feature I found in the website is that they let you filter the snacks according to various categories including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, lactose free, and even eggless. Further, they let you pick a special snack item from different places—the origin of that snack. Suppose, you want to pick something from Ahmedabad or perhaps or Vishakhapatanam, you got the choice.

Some of the available snacks include healthy snacks, roasted snacks, dryfruit mix, bhakarwadi, sev, chiwda, chanachur, kachoris, etc.

If you have a choice of brands, you got the option of filtering your search accordingly. Overall, it is a great place to find some of your favorite namkeens and savouries that you have enjoyed but are not able to get because of different geographical location. Sitting in Punjab, you can enjoy items that are only available in Chennai. What would be more fun than that, right!

I am sure as they move ahead, they will be able to add more variety and options in the menu and let people from all over India buy the products and enjoy it sitting in their homes or even offices where parties would be region focused. I don’t doubt that they have a great future provided they keep things simple and easy, and also hassle free.

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