8 products that became almost obsolete in our life-time

When it comes to change, wise men think that it is the only constant—in the world of perpetual alteration, there is nothing that remains same. Yet, this nature of changing is the only constant. Law of Conservation of Energy states that the energy of the universe remains constant, though it may change from one form to another.  Then there is a concept of entropy, which is the measure of randomness. With increase in entropy, a lot of disorder is being created in the universe.

However, for an entrepreneur, change brings a lot of options and opportunities. Change in products, change in business values, change in consumer behavior, change in management principles and what not. In fact, the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives on the concept of change. If you are prompted to think about “fashion”, which is another name of “change”, then you have got the right pulse. A famous adage goes about fashion that it is so disgusting a concept that it changes every month!

Okay, if we move back to history, we will be able to name innumerable items, ways, methods, theories, principles, values, attitudes and behaviors that have changed. From bullock-plied carts, we are into jets; from saving money, we are into investing; from being conservative, we now believe in networking.

However, to talk about contemporary times, we will focus on the items that we used but are almost obsolete from use in the present time. There was not much need for the change, but only a slow transformation of material used or a bit of change in the manufacturing process.

Okay here is the list of such products:

What we used then What we use now
Typing Machine Computer
Photo Film Memory/Flash Card
Floppy/CD Pen Drive/Extended HD
Audio/Video Cassette VCD/DVD
Walkman iPod/Handheld/Smartphone
Letterpress Printer Offset Printer
B&W TV LCD Screen

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