7 Tips on Taking Your Dog Kayaking

If you had already experienced it, you will agree with the fact that taking your dog kayaking can be a big fun.  Nevertheless, not doing it the right way can make it end as a disaster. Here are 7 expert tips to ensure a safe, healthy and happy kayaking with your dog. Once you follow these tips, you will feel kayaking with your dog is better than just kayaking. For more guidelines and help, you can check kayakudos.com too:

Whatever be your objective- exploring, exercising or just a casual puddle, you will find that the experience gets better when it is shared. There can be no better companion than your beloved four-legged friend. We need to admit that they do not pull their weight while paddling. At the same time, they hardly complain and they never take a lot of time to get ready. Dogs are always highly excited when they get to go somewhere with you. These reasons make kayaking with your dog an all the more interesting experience.

  1. Know the safety and local boating laws

Find out from your local boating authority whether there are any safety measures you must comply with while kayaking with your dog. These requirements can include wearing a personal floatation device (PFD). Even if the law does not mandate carrying PFD, it is a good idea to carry them. PFD can help your dog if the animal falls overboard or can’t get back in the kayak. A doggy life jacket can give you enough peace of mind besides saving the precious life of your dog.

  1. Practice before getting into the water

If it is their first time kayaking, it is good to give the experience to the dog when it is on land. This can help make them more comfortable while getting into the water.

  1. Check the level of training

It is important that your doggy is well trained and can respond to your commands quickly and consistently. Since the life at water can be replete with several distractions, you will both end up in water if you cannot control your dog.

  1. Hydrate your companion

It is prudent to take some fresh water and a bowl so that your dog does not have to lean over the side in order to drink some water. This can result in the kayak tripping over and both of you falling out.

  1. Store food in the right way

It is not possible to keep your dog always under your supervision. You might get disappointed to see that your snacks are sampled by your friend when you are away. Hence keep your food in a dry bag.

  1. Shore stops

While planning your trip, check out for places where you can stop for a while and shore for a runaround. This can also help give a toilet stop for your doggy. Nevertheless, you need to check if you have bags for cleaning up.

  1. Procure a suitable kayak

Know that not all kayaks are suitable to kayak with your dog. There are many features that you must ensure while taking your dog for a pet-friendly kayak.

In conclusion, it can be said that though taking your dog to Kayaking is a fun and an exhilarating experience, it still takes the similar kind of attention in preparation as if you will plan for yourself. That said, it remains one of the most fulfilling time-outs for you and your dog, and can be counted as a quality time spent by all means!

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