7 myths about sexual health

Health care is always an expert topic. However, it is natural for us to seek authentic information on the net and other sources to clarify several important things. Here is a list of seven myths about sexual health.

1. It is impossible to get pregnant during periods

This is actually a misconception. In fact the right doctor advice states that there is no time in a woman’s life between 15 and 50 years when she can’t get pregnant. Because, a good egg given out during ovulation can life four to five days and a healthy sperm can fertilize the megg for up to four days.

2. Head ache is an excuse to opt out of sex

Researchers have shown that orgasms in women can help alleviate headaches. The medical process behind this is that sex can trigger the release of endomorphin which is a natural pain killer of the body which can eliminate headache at once.

3. Sex and orgasm can lead to early labor

This is partially true. Though sexual activity can induce labor, it won’t happen until the cervix is not ready. However, there are instances when sex is found to hasten labor. In cases of membrane rupture, low lying placenta, if conceived twins and expecting a premature baby, then the doctor advice would be not to indulge in sex during pregnancy.

4. Sex increases the risk of heart attack

This is completely false. In patients who were examined as part of their health package, it was found that only less than one percent said they had sex one hour before heart attack. Often if heart attack happens during sex, it might just be a coincidence.

5. Lying with feet in the air during sex increases the chances of pregnancy

This is untrue since lying downside is in fact more useful. Random experiments revealed that in case of artificially inseminated women, lying down for at least fifteen minutes increased the chances of pregnancy by 50% rather than moving about immediately.

6. Peeing before sex can minimize the risk of an STI

This is only partially true. UTI happens due to infection in the bladder that enters through the urethra. In fact, peeing just before is the prime reason for post-coital urinary tract infections.

7. Sex is a better workout than going to gym

This is not true since though sex can help burn calories, it does not burn them as much as you might imagine. Therefore sex is never an alternative to gym workout.

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