5 Ways to Get Involved with Ubuntu for Non-technical Users

If you are not a technical user of Linux but want to get involved with the sweeping wave of Linux/GNU operating system, Ubuntu offers you some great opportunities to do. There are lots of them but five primary involvements that you can have with Ubuntu as a non-technical user are given below:

1. Ubuntu Artwork is a platform for non-technical users as they can contribute their artistic expertise to make and better the look and feel of Ubuntu. You can contribute by designing wallpapers, themes and icons for Ubuntu. If you would like get connected with the Artwork team of Ubuntu, click this link.

2. Translation and Localization is another area where you get involved. If you can translate the software from English to your language where you feel Linux has many users, it is quite a good contribution actually.

The translation of software and applications of Ubuntu into your language is done using the web-based Launchpad. You can join the Ubuntu-Translators mailing list to stay in touch with other Ubuntu translators. You can also translate the documents related to Ubuntu in your own language.

3. Reporting solutions of problems is one of the most sought after involvement that users can think of. If you find some issue with Ubuntu and you got a solution for the same, you can contribute by writing about it and letting other users how to solve it. Here is the Help Wiki where you can add a page about the solution of the problem.

4. Spreading the word about Linux/GNU is always a great contribution. You can tell people about it and make them aware that it is free of cost and does not charge anything. Teaching Ubuntu to children and elders alike is a major contribution by all means.

5. If you would like to contribute financially, you can donate to Ubuntu. Here is the link for that.

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