5 Ways to Get Involved with OpenSUSE

How to contribute or participate with OpenSUSE project?

If you want to be a part of OpenSUSE project and want to contribute in the cause of Linux, here is something for you. Though there are many types of skills that are needed for any type of project, but I present 5 ways in which you can participate in the project named OpenSUSE.

How to Contribute to OpenSUSE
How to Contribute to OpenSUSE

1. Becoming a member of OpenSUSE community is one way you can contribute to it. By becoming a member of these OpenSUSE communities, you can know about releases, learn about the governance structure, help other users and suggest new features or software that would make OpenSUSE project more appealing to users.

2. If you have the ability to produce documents, you can make a big difference. You can choose to become a member of the Wiki team that handles all types of documentation related to OpenSUSE. You can review or write documentation, manuals, and articles that would be helpful to other users.

3. If you are a developer and are interested in contributing to the look and feel of OpenSUSE what more anybody would ask? Visit the artwork Pixel Pool to show off your designs and help influence the next version of openSUSE’s artwork and make it more appealing to the users. This is one of the finest way to contribute to OpenSUSE project for technical users. Apart from this, you can report bugs, provide localization solutions and make contributions on many other technical issues.

4. Like we talked earlier in many articles, one of the most important contribution for any Linux distro is spreading the word. Making more and more people aware about it is the best thing that you can do to Linux. If you have some marketing skills, you can become a member of the marketing team of OpenSUSE. You can also contribute by writing newsletters, or translate them into your native languages.

5. If you are a project leader, OpenSUSE community needs your services. You can attend OpenSUSE project meetings and pool in your expertise to be a focal point of some projects.

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