5 Secrets To Learning A New Language Fast

Learning a new language can be a fun and exciting experience. It can open up new opportunities in your life. However, thoughts like ‘you are too old’ or ‘not that much talented’ or ‘just too busy’ can steal your enthusiasm. Multi-language experts give these few tips to pick up a new language fast.

So, read these tips first if you would like to venture upon an adventure of learning a new language.

5 Secrets To Learning A New Language Fast

Keep aside the textbook

If you look forward to learning a new language for the purpose of interacting with people and not just to pass a few exams and language courses, remember books can’t be of much use. Grammar can never help you master the spoken language though it might advance your language skills. Embrace this idea and you will see yourself picking up the new language quickly and more efficiently. As and when you are ready with the basic language skills, you can always come back to the books to perfect your proficiency.

Start speaking from day one

Never wait to start speaking in the language you are learning. Never think you need some kind of preparation before you start to speak. Spoken language is mastered best with an extensive practice. Even when you are unprepared, just start speaking from day one. Though you might have learned only a handful of words and a few phrases, you must just make a start. This attitude will make you progress faster.

Pick up from travel phrasebook

Pocket travel phrasebooks are cheap and easy to follow. They can give a significant boost to your language capabilities. From a good travel phrasebook pick up a few practical phrases like ordering for food, making a small talk and asking for directions. These phrases can be straight away applied to common travel situations. Hence you can start using them instantly. Learn some phrases by heart to start with and singing along with them can make it easy to apply them to your memory.

Repeat what you have learned

There are many ways to learn a language. There are also some nicely prepared language apps that can give a good practice of the language. Besides using them, you must keep repeating the phrases learned so that they get reinforced into your system quickly and rather permanently. Some interesting apps can be used on your phone or computer.

Never worry about making mistakes

Confidence is something that people lack while learning a new language. They imagine about the several ways that can make them go wrong and while making mistakes, they keep reminding themselves how stupid they are. Clear your head of such negative thoughts and keep your mouth open to talk freely in the language you are learning. Trying to be a perfectionist is going to restrict your capabilities and performance. Do not be worried about making mistakes. They can help to take you forward with language learning. In fact, when you try to learn a new language and make efforts to talk in the language, people will only love to listen to you.


In the end, you will notice that following a few tips and systematically adopting a routine of spending even a few minutes on learning a new language will fasten the pace with which you acquire it. Commit and gain the power of being a linguist!

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