5 Reasons you should try Ubuntu

Why it is worth giving a try to Ubuntu

One tries to consider why it is so much about Ubuntu—why so many people are trying to get their hands on a CD of Ubuntu and why so many webpages are writing about them and their new release? There are many factors that contribute to this search especially after Ubuntu started with a bang sort of background. It had a strong vision and enough people and money to support while it would be needed—no wonder that this distro was not a yet another but was built to stay there.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using Ubuntu:

1. It is pretty to install—if you have tried your hands on Windows, you will find that Ubuntu is far straight and easy while you try to install it from a CD. The installation steps are made clear and even new users of Linux can do it with ease.

2. Giving away free CDs was one of those confidence building factors that helped Ubuntu immensely. I used this option quite a lot and got many CDs of Ubuntu’s different versions that I shared with many friends of mine who wanted to try Linux for the first time. So if you try Ubuntu, you will not have to pay anything—it is all free and just asks for some time.

3. The program installation in Ubuntu is pretty easy with Synaptic. Users do not have to worry about dependancies while they want to go for program installation.

4. You will get full support from forums and communities that are quite active and try it to their best to provide support to users, giving a clear edge to the popularity of Ubuntu. There should be no worry about troubleshooting if you should give it a try for your future use.

5. There is no threat of viruses or malware in your system as Linux does not use .exe files that are often corrupted by viruses.

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