5 Reasons not to try Ubuntu

Ubuntu is not for you if

I have been writing articles why you should try Ubuntu and why it is so easy to use. Apart from the fact that it is free and how you can use Ubuntu for community based projects where you want to spread computer education. Here are 5 reasons why you should not try Ubuntu:

1. If you never faced any problem with Internet Explorer and it has not crashed when you were about to do the most important thing on internet.

2. If you feel too close to the Windows button that had “start” text in the earlier version. You won’t find it anymore.

3. If you like the Aero experience of Windows Vista.

4. If you feel attuned to the sound scheme of Windows when the computer starts and when it closes down. Ubuntu offers different sounds.

5. If you can afford to buy original Windows for your system.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons not to try Ubuntu”

  1. > 5. If you can afford to buy
    > original Windows for your system….
    …and you think it’s worth the money.

    I could afford Windows if I wanted (as could many others I am sure), but Windows doesn’t do anything that I would want from it, unlike my Debian+KDE4 setup which does everything that I want.

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