5 problems you will face in Ubuntu 8.10

While I am a staunch user and promoter of Ubuntu, I did face some problems while using it. Recently I bought a desktop for my niece and nephew who are just 7 and 3 years old. I wanted to keep the cost minimum and therefore did not buy Windows but preferred Ubuntu with Edubuntu that give children a lot of educational games and activities. But to make sure I have it for some purpose where grown up users can use it, I faced the following problems.

1. I could not connect to my wi-fi connection after I installed Ubuntu 8.10. I was having WG 311 Netgear wireless card but it did not pick the drivers. There was a very long procedure that I had to pass before it started working, which actually included getting connected to Internet through my LAN card.

2. I could not play VCDs. I had to download a special player for this xine and this player worked for me.

3. I could not copy VCD files into my system–I am still solving this issue.

4. I could not put my laptop on wireless network with my desktop so that I could share my files. It was solved by downloading Samba.

5. The mouse pointer is not properly controlled by your mouse. This problem is not that acute but sometimes you feel you are not in control what you are driving. You click somewhere else and it opens something else.

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  1. Ubuntu has three major disadvantage (according to me atleast),First it doesnt have a good voip software like gtalk or ymessenger and skype is not very popular in india .
    and the second one is that it doesnt have a good download manager like IDM or Orbit that could integrate with browsers to take downloads from them,The third is that it does not have many good games which are in windows(It might be the reson of not having a standard installer file in linux) .If these are resolved ubuntu will take over the OS market

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