5 Features of Ubuntu 9.04

New features since Ubuntu 8.10 in Ubuntu 9.04

If you are looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 9.04 and what it brings to you, you should read down and find out some exciting features that has been added to it.

1. Ubuntu 9.04 RC is based on GNOME 2.26 desktop environment that has many features including Brasero, which is an all-in-one CD burning application, ability to handle multiple monitors, and fast booting of Ubuntu 9.04 RC, etc.

2. Ubuntu 9.04 RC will support the option of installing the new ext4 file system.

3. It is easier to experiment with cloud computing working with Ubuntu 9.04 server edition.

4. In Ubuntu 9.04 RC, The -intel driver now uses GEM for memory management.

5. Wacom tablets now are enabled automatically when attached. You won’t need to do the xorg.conf modification.

It has been seen that there are some reported bugs in the testing version of Ubuntu 9.04, and the developers have promised that they will be fixing them before the final release. Check this link for more information about Ubuntu 9.04.

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