5 Benefits of Ubuntu

Why you would like using Ubuntu and spread it for better

I have been through the phase when I tried to inspire people about using original software and operating system so that we do not use pirated software. This is sort of illegal activity to use pirated software and it also does not help you use your computer system that efficiently. However, Ubuntu has clearly given a way ahead while advocating for Linux.

Here are some broad reasons:

1. The era of assembled computers won’t die. You won’t be charged or accused for piracy of operating systems. Ubuntu is free of cost and can be used for any number of computers. Due to increased pressure, lots of people were using pirated operating systems in countries where otherwise, the need of computer education is more.

2. The budget of computer systems comes down a lot and even people with lower economic background can have computer systems in their houses. This is mainly because you don’t need to buy branded systems.

3. Ubuntu provides all other software free of cost that you would require to develop computer skills. There is virtually no software of program that you can’t use in Ubuntu.

4. At present, its security is better than other operating systems. For business purposes, you feel secure while working on Ubuntu.

5. Charity organizations and companies who are looking to spread usage of computers in schools and colleges can use Ubuntu and reduce the cost. This is one area that can boost the computer education among poor children a lot.

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