4 Derivatives of Ubuntu

Derivatives of Ubuntu used for various applications

Ubuntu is a distro of Linux/GNU and offers wide variety of derivatives that are oriented towards various needs and requirements of the users. Some are for amateur Linux users and some are more geared for professional users. Some are even oriented towards children.

Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition

This derivative is geared toward users who surf internet using Mobile Internet Devices. Ubuntu MID derivative gives full facilities including Web 2.0/AJAX fidelity, outstanding media playback and a suite of many software applications.

Ubuntu MID is finger friendly and you won’t need a stylus to operate it. Touch screen facility makes it easier and better for you. If you are developer, you can customize Ubuntu MID to the desired look.

The Ubuntu MID Edition is produced by the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded community.

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Xbuntu derivative of Ubuntu

Xubuntu is an official derivative of Ubuntu using the Xfce desktop environment and works pretty well on less-powerful computers. Xubuntu features primarily GNOME applications and is quite pleasing to the eye.

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Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio derivative, as is clear from the name itself, is aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional who want to explore their creativity to maximum. There are lots of software that are free of cost and easy for use while handling audio, video and graphical applications.

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Mythbuntu is a derivative working on Ubuntu and MythTv. Mythbuntu is designed for creating a home theatre PC with MythTV.

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