25 Ubuntu related sites that you can’t afford to miss

Sites related to Ubuntu

Here is a list of sites that are related to Ubuntu and you can’t miss them if you work with Ubuntu and want to know more about it. These sites can be called indispensable if you want to know anything and everything about Ubuntu.

1. Ubuntu

The official site of Ubuntu, where you get all the details and links to download, order or buy Ubuntu. Apart from that, the site also provides all information regarding support and communities related to Ubuntu.

2. Canonical

Canonical is the official distributor of Ubuntu and handles the development process of Ubuntu. You can’t miss this site if you want to keep updated with Ubuntu related news and announcements.

3. Ubuntuforums

If you want some type of support related to Ubuntu, you can miss this site. For all kinds of tips and tricks and solutions to your Ubuntu related issues, this is the place to be.

4. Ubuntu Guide

Ubuntu guide is the official site for getting help about tips and tricks related to Ubuntu. The site is available in multiple languages.

5. Ubuntu Testing

If you want to get involved with Ubuntu on the testing site, you can check this official wiki of Ubuntu and get yourself involved in the testing of new software and versions of Ubuntu.

6. Ubuntu Hardware Support List

If you want to know the compliance of hardware with Ubuntu, nothing better is there than visiting this place.

7. Ubuntu Artwork

If you want to get involved with the graphics and artwork part of Ubuntu and would like to contribute to this project, there is nothing to go beyond this official link.

8. Ubuntu Documentation

For all the documentation queries regarding Ubuntu, this is the place to be.

9. Ubuntu LoCo Communities

If you want to be a part of local communities of Ubuntu or want to get some help, here is the list of LoCo communities of Ubuntu.

10. Launchpad

Launchpad is a project that allows you to discover new open-source applications or retrieve source code/installation instruction for third party applications.

11. Tuxmachines

Tuxmachines.org is one of its kind website that is sort of indispensable if you want to know anything related to Linux, Ubuntu or open-source software.

12. Ubuntu Bug Squad

If you would like to report anything to the bug Squad of Ubuntu or want to contribute in some way, this is the official wiki of that team.

13. Gnome-look

This site contains great collection of graphics and artwork related to Ubuntu.

14. Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a site where you can submit your ideas or suggestions related to Ubuntu. Its working resembles the famous social bookmarking site Digg.

15. Ubuntu News

Ubuntu news is site that provides links to various news, articles and opinions related to Ubuntu.

16. Full Circle Magazine

This website publishes a free Ubuntu magazine every month in PDF format.

17. Ubuntu Seach Engine (It is closed now)

You can’t get better than this. It is a Google custom search engine dedicated to search only Ubuntu-related stuffs. The search engine currently indexes 169 Ubuntu-related sites.

18. Planet Ubuntu

This is a sort of official blog by Ubuntu developers and contributors. This is where you can get the latest and updated news about your system and Ubuntu.

19. Ubuntu Shop

If you want to buy something related to Ubuntu like T-shirts, mugs, bags and stickers, this is the place to be.

20. Ubuntu Training

For getting trained in Ubuntu and how to work with it, here is the webpage that gives you all information.

21. Ubuntu Geek

A complete site for how-tos and tutorials for various issues and problems while using Ubuntu.

22. Ubuntu Women

This is a site that is dedicated to make women comfortable while working with Ubuntu. A great place for female users to start using Ubuntu.

23. Ubuntux

A community based site that provides guides and solutions to Ubuntu related issues. Also has forums for questions and answers.

24. Ubuntu Blog WordPress

A blog related to issues about Ubuntu and how to guides for users and new people trying Ubuntu.

25. Ubuntu Tweak

A website that helps in tweaking Ubuntu for easier installation and usage.

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