25 Sites about Fedora You Can’t Miss

Fedora is an open-source community developed operating system and there are many sites that provide help and support and other solutions for using it. Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Fedora that you would like to bookmark or keep on tips.

1. FedoraForum

This is a site where you can discuss all stuff related to Fedora; how-tos, solutions, issues and guides about Fedora and its usage for computers. This site is not directly sponsored by Red Hat though.

2. Red Hat

The official sponsor of Fedora project. The site provides all the matter about Fedora though it does not maintain the site’s content for www.fedoraproject.org

3. Fedora Unity

A site dedicated to provide solutions to community using Fedora as operating system. The members of this site include almost everyone who uses Fedora.

4. Fedora FAQ

This is not an official site maintained by Red Hat but provides answers to many FAQs about Fedora for new users and also for start-ups.

5. Fedora Solved

Fedora Solved is again a community based website geared to provide solutions to issues related to Fedora and how to make it more appealing to users.

6. Fedora Daily Package

The site provides information about packages of Fedora that are lesser known to community and also to users who do not know much about Fedora.

7. Fedora Mobile

This site is again community based and is geared to provide solutions to users who are using Fedora on mobile devices.

8. Fedora News

Provides quality news about Fedora across the globe and what new development is happening for users.

9. Fedora Hosted

A website that provides information about projects related to Fedora and how to contribute to them.

10. Fedora 64

A site dedicated to provide solution to 64 bit Fedora project and to make it easier for users to use the operating system.

11. Distro Watch

A must have for any Linux enthusiast and provide wonderful information about Fedora.

12. Tuxmachines

A site providing information, news, articles and guides about all types of distro of Linux.

13. MJM Wired

A site providing guides and other helpful materials for Fedora usage and how-tos to install it on system.

14. How to Forge

A must have site for all types of distros of Linux. Provides articles and solutions to many issues in different distros of Linux.

15. Fedora Stuff

A site developed by someone who wants to contribute to Fedora on various fronts.

16. Fedora Documentation

For all types of documentation related to Fedora, this is the place you should be.

17. Fedora Planet

All types of news, updates about Fedora and the community that care to talk about its development.

18. Boycott Novell

For all types of news, articles, information, updates and guides about Linux distros, this site is a good place to be and share what others are reading. Works like many other social bookmarking sites.

19. FS Daily

A site dedicated to provide latest content, articles and news about all types of Linux distros. Just works like Digg and other social bookmarking sites.

20. Fedora Guide

As the name suggests, a site dedicated to provide guides and how-tos for all types of issues, problems and tasks related to Fedora.

21. Fedora Events

For all types of events about Fedora, there can’t be any better place to find out the information and contacts.

22. Fedora Community

Linux thrives on communities and people who are out there to help and provide solutions to new and existing users. This site provides you ways to contact the community dedicated to Fedora.

23. Fedora International

For information about websites of international communities and country-wise websites, this is the place you should check.

24. Fedora Community Portal

This is a knowledge sharing portal of Fedora community and you will get all types of information, articles, updates, news, guides and how-tos about Fedora.

25. Fedora Lisp

The site provides a Lisp-oriented architecture for Fedora and Red Hat linux systems. If you are interested in it, this is the place you should get all information about it.

3 thoughts on “25 Sites about Fedora You Can’t Miss”

  1. Fedora Daily Package looked like a very good idea for a site. I took a quick glance at it and added it to my feed reader. Then I noticed the latest article in the feed was from Nov 2008. I was about to email the site maintainer to let them know the feeds were busted, but then I noticed the last update to the site was Nov 2008. LOL. I think this site can be removed from the list. 🙂

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