17 Similar words in Sanskrit and Spanish

List of 17 similar words in Sanskrit and Spanish

We have been working on finding similar or common words in different languages and Sanskrit. My main motive for listing these words is just enjoyment based and I do not want to impress upon some idea. There are many languages that have similar words with Sanskrit and being passionate learning new language, I try to compile them and share with my readers.

If you have any other words in any language that is similar to Sanskrit, you can share it here. Apart from this, if you would like to help us improve our postings, feel free to put your suggestions and feedback.

While listing the present list, I have given the English meaning of the words so as to give the idea what meaning I am talking about in the Spanish language.

Mitad Half मध्यः
Donar Give दानं
Situar Sit स्थितः
Ananá Pineapple अननासः
Seco Dry शुष्कः
Febrero February फाल्गुनः
Primero First प्रथमः
Tecero Third तृतीयः
Cuatro Fourth चतुर्थः
Sexto Sixth षष्ठः
Dos Two द्वौ
Tres Three त्रयः
Cuatro Four चतुर्थः
Seis Six षट्
Ocho Eight अष्ट
Nueve Nine नव
Diez Ten दश

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