11 things a guy should look for in a girl before marriage

The old concept of cooking, sewing, and laundry should be a big no-no if you are looking to get married in this age. The modern couples suffer from modern issues and not from who will cook and who will wash dishes. There are various options available to take care of such stuff.

The real trouble lies in compatibility and openness–in being ready to compromise and cooperate. We have listed 11 traits that a modern guy should look for in a girl before marriage.

#1 Dances like nobody is watching

First thing first. The girl should be ready to celebrate a moment with dance whether she knows how to dance or not; whether she feels she has two left feet or no feet at all. Just some jhatkas of waist would do, but she should be ready from her heart.

#2 Loves to travel

Of course, it is subjected to budget and time, but she should love traveling. Traveling is not simply visiting exotic aquariums or plush beach resorts, but more about exploring the world. Though armchair traveling is a great option, she should be open to moving herself whenever opportunity avails.

# 3 Great conversationalist

Couples are always encouraged to talk and be open to listening to each other. It’s believed a lot of problems are solved by sharing it with each other. A great listener and a great speaker (I know they sound oxymoron) too.

# 4 Things beyond Bollywood

If she loves movies and serials etc., she should be open to going beyond Bollywood. There are many options available for people who enjoy cinema and theater–she should be open to at least try if not favorite them.

# 5 Knows more than one language

In the modern world, it is great to know more than one language. Modern life takes couples to various places because of job and work, etc. Knowing more than one language is a handy skill and, at the same time, fun during conversations.

# 6 Loves food–eating if not cooking

Who does not love food? She should love eating different kinds of food if not cook. In modern times, a lot of men are open to the idea of cooking but they need a partner who is mad enough to experiment.

# 7 Fitness conscious but not freak

Doing yoga, gym or exercising to keep yourself fit is okay. But she should not be a freak about size zero.

# 8 Knows when to shop and what to buy

She should have enough brains to know when to shop, where from and what to buy. If she feels that every item offered during a GOSF is needed, better stay away from her.

# 9 Knows how to drive

Modern city-life is beyond comprehension if she does not know how to drive. Though it sounds like a condition, it is a great skill and greatly needed.

# 10 Can differentiate between real life and Facebook wall

She should know that not liking every update and picture on her wall is not a crime–it is okay to be choosy and ignore some of them.

# 11 Being cool more than looking cool

This is a dangerous zone, I know. But modern men care less whether a girl looks cool or not–they are more concerned about whether she is cool or not. While make-up and hair colors are okay, but she needs to be ready to face the challenges of life with a smile on her face.

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