10 things that married men should not do

For almost 27 years, I kept thinking that when I will get married, I will not get myself into stuff that usually married men end up having. I always dreamt that I will have a unique experience and I will not have to face the same problems that others complain about of have to face willy-nilly.

I was wrong.

I had to undergo almost all the same trials and situations that classical cases of married men had. I found myself as ‘one of those’ and not ‘the only one among┬áthose’.

I will share some simple advice that I feel married men should follow in order to make marriage a better experience:

  1. Don’t blame the wife-side of family ever for anything.
  2. Don’t play a postman between your mother and your wife. Let them establish conversations directly.
  3. Control yourself as much as you can. Try to extinguish your anger.
  4. Don’t abuse your wife, ever.
  5. Be friends with your wife. Talk about all trivial and simple matters with your wife.
  6. Don’t force your thought-process on your wife. Discussion should be the best way to explore whether she would be open to accept your ideas or not.
  7. Don’t force her to change her thought-process.
  8. Don’t keep grudges for too long. Try to avoid confrontations.
  9. Let her talk or finish what she wants to convey. If you are not open to communication, you will not be able to establish a good relationship with your wife.
  10. Let her open her heart to you. Give her full space and encouragement to convey her feelings. Make her feel extremely comfortable in talking to you.

If you liked any of these points or would like to add something to it, share your thoughts through the comments section.

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