10 things that husband and wife both should do

I will keep this simple and straightforward because the mantra book for a married life can’t be simply put in 10 lines. But I will try to touch more practical aspects of a marriage and how husband and wife can help each grow in their relationship.

  1. Husband and wife should practice perseverance. Two people might have a different lifestyle. But after marriage, both should try to cooperate with each other.
  2. Practice this mantra–work together, play together, and grow¬†together.
  3. Avoid small fights that may actually lead to big ones. Try to understand each other viewpoint as much as you can.
  4. Share with each other. Even if nothing material is available, share your love and concern.
  5. Be fun to be around. Keep a positive heart.
  6. While eating, keep your mind free of all the troubles. Relish the  food.
  7. Respect each other’s parents and family.
  8. Give each other personal space and be ready to jump in whenever necessary.
  9. Try to be the back-up for each other. Try to create opportunities for each other to grow, learn and enjoy.
  10. Respect each other’s spiritual beliefs and convictions. Do not impose your own thoughts.

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