10 Similar words in Sanskrit and French

Similar and common words in French and Sanskrit

I have been working on finding similar sounding words in different languages with Sanskrit. In the past I provided some lists of similar words in Sanskrit and English, and also in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch). This time, I am ready with around 10 similar words in French and Sanskrit.

My sole aim in providing these list is fun and not imposing on some results. I would be glad if you would like to share some thoughts on it or want to make some contribution by suggesting some words so that we could create more similar lists of words in different languages.

Like always, I am providing English meanings of the French words that I am taking so as to make clear what meaning I am taking while finding the similar words in Sanskrit:

Pied Foot पदं
Ananas Pineapple अननसः
Genou Knee जानु
Navire Boat नाव
Laque Lacquer लाक्ष
Soi Self स्वयम्
Dent Tooth दन्तं
Tu You त्वं
Pere Father पिता
Frere Brother भ्राता

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