10 reasons why Ubuntu excels

10 reasons you should give Ubuntu a try

Here are some of the glaring reasons that would make you pick up a Ubuntu CD and give it a try while keeping your earlier operating system intact. Though there are lots of them, I will put up the 10 most easily seen and felt reasons in Ubuntu.

  1. You will find it quite easily that Ubuntu stands as the best Linux distro available that takes the hardware recognition quite easily and effectively. I have used Ubuntu on many systems including laptops and desktops with different configurations and there is no hardware problem that I faced.
  2. Synaptic makes it easier and simple for you to handle package management and software installation and you won’t feel dismembered from your earlier love operating system Windows.
  3. You can’t leave without mentioning that the updation and release cycle of Ubuntu is really fast.
  4. It is very secure as a system working on Ubuntu effectively has a different root user name.
  5. The support system for Ubuntu is one of its kind and you can’t go unimpressed with its fastness and effectiveness.
  6. You don’t face problems if you would like to have dual booting systems. Ubuntu makes it really easy.
  7. EasyUbuntu is the best free tool for Ubuntu users especially when they are new to Linux. EasyUbuntu installs everything from video drivers to flash browser plug-ins so that you can use your system easily.
  8. You can tweak your system to get faster internet connections. In Windows, this needs to be done using a third-party software which you will have to buy.
  9. It does not require too much of space–it’s compact and small and can work on systems that have lower configuration.
  10. It’s simple and you don’t need to be a geek in Linux if you want to try it. The user interface of Ubuntu is really simple and you can use it as you used Windows.

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  1. “10 Reasons where Ubuntu excels” does not make sense. Either “10 Situations where Ubuntu excels” or “10 Reasons why Ubuntu excels”.

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