10 Features of Fedora 11

Features of Fedora 11

Fedora 11 has been scheduled to be released finally on 26-05-2009. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see when you will be using this upgraded version of this distro:

1. Fedora 11 will be worked up to boot within 20 seconds.

2. Fedora 11 will be worked up to allow programs on the desktop to automatically install applications, fonts, multimedia codecs and clipart so that users don’t have to do them individually.

3. Fedora 11 will be allowing the system administrator to partition the system resources into different sub groups. The administrator can then dedicate these sub groups resources to different applications’ need and let them work out for them.

4. Fedora 11 will allow new users to report bugs with fewer mouse clicks.

5. Fedora 11 will have increased security settings of DBus.

6. Fedora 11 will upgrade Firefox to the latest release in the Mozilla 1.9.1 series (Firefox 3.1). This will be highly effective for users who rely on updated versions of Mozilla Firefox.

7. Fedora 11 will enable small installations for a server or desktop appliance that will require minimal platform.

8. Fedora 11 will have Python 2.6 included in it.

9. Fedora 11 will have the upgraded version of RPM 4.7 so as to give benefit from performance enhancements.

10. Fedora 11 will have full-featured Windows programs and users won’t need need to use Windows based on Windows cross-compilers.

For more information and details about these features, check this link.

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