10 entrepreneur resources to do business in India (downloadable PDF guides)

India, growing as a strong economy in present-day world, is a popular destination for international community to start a business or fund a venture. From the time of boom in IT industry till the latest economic slowdown, India has seen it all and has sustained the sine-wave nature of business world. Like a juggernaut that defied every block in its way, India is fast moving to become on of the most powerful economies in the world.

In this article, we are providing 10 PDF guides helping the entrepreneurs for doing business in India. These documents are easy to download and contain a very useful information.

A 90-page guide compiled with latest information in 2010. The document details about how to start a business, construction permits, employing workers, credit, investors, and other related information. Replete with research-based data, graphs and tables, this documents makes a perfect download for an investor or an entrepreneur looking to do business in India.

A 54-page document containing information regarding geography, constitution, communication and advantage of investing in India. It goes on to explain legal system and other rules and regulations that govern the business environment in India.

A 123-page document providing detailed information about Indian geography, language, communication, and business scene. The document goes on to discuss business climate, legal issues related to the business community, taxation, etc. A very structured document meaning an asset to investors and entrepreneurs.

A very detailed document containing 174 pages and providing information regarding Indian culture, people, geography, economic climate, government structure, investment and foreign trade, legal and taxation issues. It goes without saying that the document is full of knowledge and information regarding the business climate in India and is a must-have for businessmen and budding entrepreneurs.

Once again a very detailed document containing 114 pages filled with information and knowledge about doing business in India. It talks about the economy, legal and government issues, infrastructure, economic trends and physical features of the country.

A very precise document containing 31 pages and created by Nishith Desai, legal and tax consultant. Nishith is a very well-known name in the Indian business community and it can be easily asserted that this research paper contains first-hand knowledge about the business opportunities in India. A must-have for investors and entrepreneurs.

Once again a precise document containing 40 pages of information about doing business in India. The document focuses on bio-business scenario in India and therefore could be useful for entrepreneurs and investors looking to venture in this field.

It is a book containing 274 pages of information and research-based knowledge about doing business in India. It overviews key sectors, investment climate, entry options in India and other related issues to business. It is imperative to say here that it is one of the longest document that users will find online focusing on doing business in India.

The document is a contains 94 pages of information regarding doing business in India. It focuses on Indo-South African corridor of business and how to build relationships in the business community. Contains very detailed and research based information. Very useful for entrepreneurs and investors related to this geographical corridor.

It is like a PPT presentation offering 19 pages of point-based reminders of what to look for and what to remember while doing business in India. Can serve as a check list for entrepreneurs and investors looking to do business in India.

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  1. strange that no one pointed it out but the fourth and seventh link are actually the same. Both open to the same EnY document albeit, with a different name. Please rectify the links.

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