किं चिन्तयसि–Says Facebook in Sanskrit (Change Your Language to Sanskrit)

Remember the days or Orkut when users made some complaints that it didn’t even give the option of choosing Sanskrit as a known language? People who knew how to speak, read or write in Sanskrit wanted to mention that in their profile. However, things seem to have changed.

Yes, after all the wait, clamor about promoting Sanskrit, and claiming that we will make it happen, Facebook seems to have listened and acknowledged the value of the Sanskrit language, as users can now use the social media channel in the Sanskrit language.

Facebook in Sanskrit

किं चिन्तयसि?–“What’s on your mind” or the changed English prompt “Write something here…” may become the popular write-box for many users.

Though the whole interface is not translated to Sanskrit, many terms, action buttons, and even explanations have been converted in the Sanskrit language.

All you have to do to use Facebook in Sanskrit is to choose your language:

Change Facebook in Sanskrit

Once you switch to Sanskrit, you will notice your ‘Home’ button reads ‘गृहम्’ and various other links and prompts in Sanskrit.

Newsfeed is वार्ता भुज

Like is रोचते

Share is संविभज

Overall, it is a commendable effort to help promote the Sanskrit language, and I am sure as the time passes, they will be able to translate more links and words in the Sanskrit language.

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